Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Addabbo says frack no!

From the Queens Gazette:

On Wednesday August 11, just back from the end of a rare summer session in Albany, state Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr., reports that due largely as a result of the public support to hold off on a natural gas drilling process known as hydrofracking, the senate passed legislation that would put a hold on hydrofracking in the state. The legislation, which now goes to the Assembly for a vote, would stop the issuing of upstate drilling permits until May 2011.

Senator Addabbo noted, “I co-sponsored this moratorium bill (S8129B/Thompson) to provide the state a much-needed opportunity to fully review the potential negative side effects of this kind of drilling.”

The Senate passed a 10-month moratorium on gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale to prevent the potentially hazardous contamination of the state’s water supply. Through the moratorium, gas and oil companies would be restricted from hastily endangering the health and economic well-being of more than 12 million local residents who draw their water from the affected area by engaging a process known as hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking.

Hydrofracking is the process of breaking apart the rock under the earth, in which some natural resources are trapped, by forcing millions of gallons of waters mixed with chemicals into the ground. These chemicals then work their way into the regular water supply.


Mike Tirelli said...

Don't worry. The oil industry has such a stellar safety record.

We better start building alternative energy components here in the United States before we have to import them like we import oil now.

Sarah said...

That sounds good the only problem is there is no alternative. It doesn’t exist. Fossil fuel is the only thing that works. Alternatives are as far-fetched as fairy dust.
I think a second look at this is fine but I like getting in my car and going, turning on my A/C or my stove to cook. Fossil fuels get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalism is a religion. Mr. Addabbo you are being bamboozled by religous zealots whose mind set is not much different than the Taliban and who want to reduce our living standards to that of North Korea. Hydrofracking been around since the 1940's
KEY POINTS Hydraulic fracturing is essential for the production of natural gas from shale formations. Fracturing fluids are comprised of more than 99% water and sand and are handled in self-contained systems. Freshwater aquifers are protected by multiple layers of protective steel casing surrounded by cement; this is administered and enforced under state regulations. Deep shale gas formations exist many thousands

Anonymous said...

The Cold War is over. Ronald Reagan said so; George Bush said so. George W. Bush looked into Putin's eyes, saw his sould, and believes he can be trusted.

Get on with the rest of your life. No one in the environmental movement wants to live like they're in North Korea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Reagan the cold war is over but if you haven't noticed we are in the new phase of a 1400 year old against western civilization. Energy is a weapon. Let's consume the energy within our borders rather than empower our enemies. The hard-core environmentalist are zeaolots who intimidate the weak minded who will believe anything. BTW the enviro's don't want to live like the folks in North Korea but they don't care if the rest of us do.

Anonymous said...

The enviros want us to live in a world where there is no reliance on foreign energy sources OR robber barons like BP. They also want us to live in a world where our resources aren't being poisoned.

Usually people start calling other names where they're losing an argument.

Learn how to spell. Learn how to use proper grammar, and realize that it's not the 1950s any longer.