Friday, July 16, 2010

DOB lays off building inspectors

From The Real Deal:

After eight years of increased inspector presence, the Department of Buildings has eliminated 20 of its employee positions, as a result of a roughly 8 percent budget cut to the department. Of the eliminated employees, eight were inspectors, five were plan examiners and seven were administrative staff.

The DOB's 2011 forecasted budget is approximately $98.42 million. Down from 2010's forecasted $102.75 million fiscal year budget.

Yet industry leaders say they're unfazed by the smaller number of inspectors, citing a recession-driven downturn in the amount of construction activity in the city.

The DOB currently has 359 inspectors.

"We're close to a depression in this industry… construction activity is down 60 percent," Louis Coletti, head of the Building Trades Employers' Association, said, noting that there are far fewer construction sites that need monitoring. Referring to city funds, Coletti said that if the city doesn't need as many construction inspectors, money should not be allocated for them. "You target the resources where you need them," he noted.


Anonymous said...

Phew! Sure am glad that there's no construction going on in Queens!

Anonymous said...

They have no UNION jobs to inspect. They dont go after non-union cause they cant afford the fines. Unlike Turner, Tishman, Bovis, etc.. Maybe if the city went after all these condo developers who have been fined and collect the debts, we would'nt be in such a finacial mess. Do you hear that mike "dickhead" bloomberg? Try colllecting from these people and stop laying off people. You have ruined this city you little prick.

Anonymous said...

bloomberg could begin by enforcing the law of the arson /murder case in the previous post on Q/C .only one family belonged in the dwelling.

Anonymous said...

I have no love for the DEP or DOB workers. My block and its sidewalks are used as a strorage and loading dock by JUNIPER INDUSTRIES aka Juniper Elbow and Lewis Brass.

Both of these companies buildings are an eyesore to middle village and has a negative impact on the QoF of the people of the block. Both the DOB and DEP have been called numerous times with nothing done. The workers say they checked out the complaint and no problems were found. This is bullcrap cause if my house is shaking and I can feel the vibrations thru out the house how is that not a violation. I won't even get into the noise this place produces. I have to run the AC 6 days a week cause I can't open the windows from all the noise(hammering,banging,drilling,grinding,ect).

People from my block have asked for help from the elected officals but get told nothings wrong. That Juniper Elbow has been in middle village for 100 years and get government building navy ship doors.

All it would take is someone sitting on 78st for like 5 hours on a monday-to-thursday to see we have a BIG problem on our block. I hope someone that has pull reads this and helps. We're at our wits end.

Jerry Rotondi said...

They probably fired the honest ones but kept the crooks!

Anonymous said...

A google view of the place. We finally got them to take down the scaffolding and the illegal storage shed they had on the roof. Both were violations for like 8 years and this 500 million dollar a year company got a slap on the wrist.

I don't know who they're paying off but someones getting a payoff somewhere. I think its high time I get "help me howard" to check this out since my CB and elected officals don't care since this is the "bad" part of middle village....or as I like to call it "The wild,wild,west" or the "forgotten lands"

Anonymous said...

What a joke Bloomberg has turned our city into.


Anonymous said...

It's not like the DOB is losing any good workers. I've repeatedly reported the illegal apartment on 73rd street, 52nd drive, 52nd road and court and nothing has changed.