Friday, July 16, 2010

Fundraising frontrunners for 2013...

From NY Magazine:

The Wall Street Journal asked politicians who are considering running for mayor when Michael Bloomberg finally steps down in 2013 to reveal how much money they have raised this year, and have in their war chests so far. Representative Anthony Weiner, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Comptroller John Liu, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, former mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer are the names on the Journal's list (though de Blasio did not provide his financial records). Of those, Quinn and Weiner lead the pack by far: Quinn retains $2.7 million that she raised before deciding not to run for mayor in 2009, and Weiner has $3.9 million. So far this year alone, though, Stringer has been the most effective fund-raiser, pulling in $600,000 in 2010.

From the Daily Gotham:

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down part of Connecticut's campaign finance system, and their ruling has a direct effect on the NYC system.

In this case, Green Party of Connecticut v. Garfield, the court upheld a district court ruling that the "trigger" provision that provides extra public funding to participating candidates who are opposed by high-spending nonparticipants, is unconstitutional.

NYC has a similar trigger, under which (for example) Bill Thompson got extra public funding in his nearly successful bid to unseat Mayor Bloomberg. Since New York falls within the Second Circuit, we are affected by their rulings.

How many candidates, who are able to raise huge amounts of money, will not accept public funding in 2013 because they need not worry about their opponents getting those extra public funds? I can think of two top mayoral candidates whose warchests make that decision obvious.

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