Monday, June 7, 2010

Wind 1, Window 0

From the NY Post:

Violent gusts of wind yesterday blew out windows from the 52nd floor of a luxury apartment building in Midtown, sending glass and debris raining onto the street.

The window, about 30 by 30 feet, crashed to the ground at 4:25 p.m. from 117 East 57th Street. Magician David Copperfield lives in the building but in another apartment.

No one was hurt in the building or on the ground.

About an hour earlier, bricks fell from the roof of a Harlem apartment building.

Officials were trying to determine if the wind -- which reached as high as 60 mph -- caused the incident.

Have there been increased incidents of bricks and windows committing suicide?

Also, a tree limb fell on a man's shoulder in Flushing, Queens, at around 1:10 p.m. He was taken to New York Hospital of Queens in stable condition.


Anonymous said...

Buildings like the Empire State, WTC, Pan Am building been around for direct hit cat 5 hurrcains and never lost a window.
The crap falls apart in a 50MPH gust ?

Babs said...

article says it's a "LUXURY" building - maybe that's why . . . .

Joe said...

Getting blown out windows in bed whatever is luxury ?

Those windows look like they go to the floor and arent that tinted.
Perhaps that building and it tenants have issues as well :) :)

Babs said...

could be Joe - could be . . .

Anonymous said...

What do they call those people again. Voyeur Preverts ?

Anonymous said...

Most new construction today includes a balcony - is this mandatory - as they are mostly useless and uber ugly?

The older Mahattan balconies are somewhat larger with folks enclosing them to provide a protected space. This was a common practice, accomplished in varing degrees of quality construction and materials. Thus the picture of the balcony enclosure reminds be of those who the resident paid a contractor to install. There are so many of these older enclosures that they may all be susceptible to fail and pose a danger to the public.

Anonymous said...

Nobody builds luxury buildings today. The same Chinese junk is used for "Queens crap" buildings and for the so-called "luxury high-rises".