Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spell check, please!

Sadly, this has been on the City Council's home page since May 24th and no one there has apparently noticed the glaring spelling errors.


Anonymous said...

Who goes to the website when the people that count can pick up a phone....

if you axe me.

Anonymous said...

I ian't aksing uyo!

Anonymous said...

Subject: NYCHA Commissioner Lopez votes to massacre all feral cats in
Ravenswood projects //Queens, NY rescuer -Please help with kittens-cross
post// Save our deer please
*NYCHA [NYC Housing Authority] Commissioner Lopez votes to massacre all
feral cats in Ravenswood projects...can anyone offer ideas/help on how to
stop the slaughter? *
*From:* Tamara Bedic*:* **
*Sent:* Wednesday, June 16, 2010 10:55 PM
Tonight's meeting with Lopez on the Ravenswood feral cat population went
After some unsubstantiated slurs against pit bulls, the vote was to kill,
rather than TNR the feral cat population.
Please spread word to all cat rescuers-- the time to get out there and do as
much TNR as possible is now, before the massacres begin. I recommend that
cat welfare folk get the hell out to Ravenswood projects in LIC Queens and
capture as many cats as they can.

Anonymous said...

Unpaid interns. That figures. If they were paid, they'd be more motivated.

Anonymous said...

Check out column on the right, too:

Sign up to voluneeter in honor of Day of Service for Mother Teresa, August 26, 2010

Queens Crapper said...

Good spot. I notice they fixed the typos featured here sometime yesterday.

Anonymous said...

what do you expect when all employees are affirmative action quotas?