Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Small factory, big job

From City Limits:

Every time a new mayor or borough president gets elected, the city pays around $350 to update each of the affected signs. Those corrections and the entire set up, removal, and replacement of almost all the city-owned sign inventory are orchestrated at a city-owned facility, a sign factory if you will, located in Maspeth Queens.

In a red-brick building resembling a garage or repair shop, employees here either paint or laminate colors onto aluminum. Then, they stencil or paint on letters by hand. With around 25 employees, the sign shop in Queens is reportedly the largest of its kind in the nation.

Each year, the NYCDOT’s Borough Engineering Sign Shop in Maspeth has to replace or create 100,000 new signs. The entire city sign operation -- which includes the studying of locations, their fabrication and installation -- costs around $12 million annually.

Faded or damaged signs that get returned or retired to the factory in Maspeth are first inspected for possible refurbishment. When the signs are in good enough condition to be refurbished, they are reused. Signs that can’t be refurbished are delivered to a metal recycling yard, which in turn sends the scrapped aluminum signs and metal sign supports off to a recycling plant.


Anonymous said...

They could get rid of a alot of employees who work there - all they do is hang around and oogle the women - make them feel uncomfortable - dont see alot of work going on - just alot of socializing, hanging around, drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes.

faster340 said...

Oh but they can cut firehouses, police, libraries and parks from the budget to save money but not something like this?

The mgmt. of this city just blows my mind sometimes.

They cry poverty and then cut crucial services to save money. Do they ever do what's logical and cut something like this off the budget?

I would rather lose some street sign painters than a fireman. Sign painters aren't going to put the fire out at my house when it burst into flames.

Anonymous said...

I guess they also made the new RFK bridge signs here. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's time to remove the politicians' names from the street signs.

As for RFK Bridge, whenever the radio calls it by this name, I call the station to remind them that it's still Triboro to me. I shall keep this one-man protest going as long as I shall live.

Anonymous said...

A bridge that was properly named because it spanned 3 boros...RFK has enough stuff named after him

I call the station to remind them that it's still Triboro to me.