Saturday, June 5, 2010

Protest over Draconian budget cuts to parks

From NBC 4:

The NYC Park Advocates and local unions gathered today on the steps of City Hall to protest proposed cuts to Parks Department funding in Mayor Michael Bloomberg's executive budget for the 10-11 fiscal year.

"These cuts will be devastating," said Advocates spokesman Geoffrey Croft.

In the proposed budget, the Parks Department's allocation in city funds is $230 million, a nearly 13 percent reduction from last year's budget, $264 million.

This will entail the loss of 748 full-time jobs ( 20% of the current full-time workforce) and 450 seasonal jobs, as well as several services, according to the New York Park Advocates' calculations.

Several speakers at the rally called attention to the increasing number of privatized parks, whose upkeep costs are subsidized by neighborhood residents. In poorer neighborhoods, this is often not a viable option, pointed out President of the Brooklyn Bridge Defense Fund Judi Francis.

"We will not have parks any longer if we keep cutting the budget," Francis warned.

"In the current economic situation... now more and more people are using parks," Croft said, pointing to public parks' roles as a source of free recreation and exercise.

"Most people don't have the money to fly to the Hamptons, the Bahamas," he added. "These are our backyard."

Rallyers pointed to the fact that in 1960, approximately 1.4% of the city budget was devoted to the Parks Department, while in the new proposed budget would devote only .37 percent.

The Parks Department has lost a greater percentage of its workforce than other city agencies in the last 40 years, according to the NYC Park Advocates.

"We need to stop this downward slide," said retired park ranger Steve Rayfield at the rally.


Anonymous said...

Quit your damn complaining....

Ohbahma stimulus package gave 2500 subsidized jobs to NYC for welfare Back to work programs and 90% of it was given to the parks dept.

Gotta put those high school dropout niggas to work
This will entail the loss of 748 full-time jobs ( 20% of the current full-time workforce) and 450 seasonal jobs,

Missing Foundation said...

Why don't all those developers behind that front organization "New Yorkers for Parks" put up some money - hell the developers are making a mint from taking the waterfront away from communities. Tax them too!

georgetheatheist said...

Look at the dope in the photo developing a case of melanoma.

Anonymous said...

until Planyc ran out of taxpayers money the incompetent planners spent millions on converting public school play space into tiny fake running tracks,planting trees across the ballfields, building gazebos and small astro turf sections to small for a game. they also turned exercise play space into a sitting bench park.

they did not provide for funds to pay the extortion fee to the school custodians to unlock the new spaces for the community teens to play .

Joe said...

Thats a vagrent George.
If you go into Flushing Meadow Park on a weekday before noon you will find one ever couple hundred feet.
No shoes, no socks.

The only exception is when the US Open is running. As far as the park workers go I never see them doing anything.
They just drive these little trucks and yap on cellphones.
The only people I see doing work are:
1- jail people that come on blue busses from Rikers.
2-People convicted assorted DWI and nonsense doing court ordered communiety service.
3-Old World Fair fans doing simple pro-bono work.