Saturday, June 12, 2010

No parking on Douglaston street

From the Times Ledger:

Residents along Prospect Avenue in Douglaston said they were upset the city has put up several signs on their street to prevent parking and that there was seemingly no reason to eliminate the spots.

The city Department of Transportation erected the signs as part of a citywide initiative to replace signs that had been removed from streets across the five boroughs but never replaced, Community Board 11 District Manager Susan Seinfeld said.

But residents on Prospect Avenue near the corner of Willow Place said the road never had “No Parking” signs and parking has now become more limited along the roadway.

“It’s creating more congestion for the neighborhood,” resident Dorene Lombardi told CB 11’s monthly meeting Monday.

The signs run north to south on Prospect Avenue from Willow Place to Cherry Street.

“Some of the signs make no sense,” Seinfeld said. “I have no idea why they went up. It’s limiting the parking on the block.”

The signs restrict parking along the one side of the street at all times.

“I was stunned when I came home in mid-May and saw them,” resident Jonesie Clemence. “These signs are unsightly and literally on our yards.”


Joe said...

The price of urban sprawl
Anyway those people have detached houses with private driveways & 2 car garages whats the problem renting out the back rooms huh ?

Commuters, many from Bayside driving to get free parking and a seat on the LIRR.
Why didn't they interview the people who were fed up with all the junk station cars parked outside their houses all day and sometimes all weekend.
The sweeper could never clean on the street.
Parts of Manhasset have this problem now. These new Great Neck Buk-rahs & Persians, live 15-20 to a house, pricks who want to use the fast Port Washington line and beat the parking fees.
The Jewish now running North Hempstead didn't care as long as it wasn't happening in Great Neck or by the Plandome Country Club
After literally 2 street fights I got a mob of neighbors and police together. We stormed town the hall agenda hearing and made the town put up No Parking 10AM-6PM signs.
The whole process took over a year !

Anonymous said...

These people want to rent their driveways out to rich N Shore commuter BMW's, Benze's (usually +$300 Mo)and shuffle their own cars, childrens cars in front of other people's houses.
Its called piggish greed and a HUGE part of the congestion problem.
Nobody told a certain people to McMansion old houses they baught then need extra $$ to pay for it.
Let them cry a river too bad !

Anonymous said...

Typical whining from the privileged.

Anonymous said...

I would love for these to be put up on my block in queens. No need for a single family house to have 3 cars and then not even use their garage or yard.

You know what made the streets look so nice in those old turn of the century pictures of new york and queens??? no cars!!!