Sunday, June 6, 2010

MS-13 invading all over

From NBC 4:

The Hispanic gang was formed in Los Angeles in the mid-eighties. But when arrested members were deported, the gang spread to Central America, concentrating in El Salvador, before spreading to Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and other parts of the world.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, MS-13 is present in at least 42 states and there are as many as 10,000 members nationwide. Gang members are generally known for blue and white colors in their clothes and their graffiti. The number 13 and the letters MS are present. Another trademark are tattoos, not just on the arms and chest, but also on the head, neck and face.

In New Jersey, gang is most prevalent in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex and Somerset counties, but its presence has grown on Long Island as well, making law enforcement's job ever more difficult.


Anonymous said...

you sleepy Broadway/Flushing homeowners..."MS-13" are also in the midst of your privileged nabe!

The corner of 164th Street & Crocheron Avenue has become a hot spot for nefarious activity lately.

There was a drive by shooting that occurred near the westbound Q28 bus stop about a year and a half ago...that wasn't too well publicized. I wonder why?

That apartment building on the corner needs some stakeouts by the 109th.

Hey...wake up boys in blue at the precinct!

I hope you read "Queens Crap" for the good tips we're posting here.

Maybe some of you doughnut gobbling officers can make sergeant by busting some of these perps.

Unless you cops are getting a cut from the drugs and prostitution that's centered around the LIRR station.

A little tip:
Take a look at "OB's Cavern" on the weekends.

Drive south down 162nd Street once in awhile.

An alternate graff tag for "MS-13" is "MS X3" ("X" for Roman numeral 10).

You can spot that particular one on the left parking lot wall adjacent to the old "Quartet Theater".

Now get out there 109th and have a safe day!

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of you doughnut gobbling officers can make sergeant by busting some of these perps.

They can't, bloombturg wants those stats down. no crime reported means crime is down. King Bloomberg states NYC is so safe that you can leave your doors unlocked. Everything is good in Bloomberg's world, you just have to let your imagination go.

Anonymous said...

The 109th is too busy taking bribes from the Korean whore houses and also taking bribes from the chinese opium/ketamine gangs.

Anonymous said...

queens citizens who are disturbed by these illegal alien gangsters can help to stop their entry to the U.S. through the Arizona /Mexico border.

send a message to the obama government by signing the petition, SECUREOURBORDERS NOW.COM

the other border states will join Arizona eventually.

Deke DaSilva said...


Doing the jobs that: Bloods, Crips, Irish Mob, Chinese Triads, Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Aryan Nation, etc. are no longer willing to do!!

Vibrant!!! Diverse!!!

Anonymous said...

Local precincts don't have the manpower ..........the Gang unit handles this.Oh,wait a minute,their manpower has been cut also.LESS POLICE= MORE CRIME.Tell the mayor to restore the 6000 cops he cut through attrition.

Joe said...

Queens will be the next Los Angeles, no stopping it.
Queens schools are already there. Just give all them little anchor baby gangstas with useless turd world perpetualy pregnant moms another 10 years.
This gang problem is just the tip of the iceburg to hit.
I been saying this for years, You can also ask any public school teacher off the record.
Anybody who thinks the police can protect them may as well have a lobotomy.
At this point it may be better to sell this scantuary shit house to China. They know how ti deal with, gangs, criminals and people who jump their fences


Anonymous said...

does bloomturd really think anyone believes him? everyone around the country hates his guts and knows all about him.

cherokeesista said...

The KFC on Northern Blvd. is a place these pieces of shit like to hang out:( You can tell by their light blue bandanas, I stay far far away they are SAVAGES and all over Flushing:(

ew-3 said...

I'm sure these guys are simply adding to the cultural diversity in NYC. That should make the Mayor happy.
I'm also sure they are legal immigrants, that would never carry an illegal weapon like a gun.
Sadly, the fish rots starting at the head.
Until the feds actually enforce laws already on the book (i.e. uphold the oath they swore to protect and defend us from enemies foreign and domestic...) we're screwed.
And that putz schumer wants to make people like this citizens..

Anonymous said...

These savages are also in Port Washington around the metered parking lots north LIRR station.
(Behind the Flobets druggie Bar)
Word on the street is they run heroin and coke out from the city

Anonymous said...

Remove them from the country if they have that gang MS 13 tattoo on their face or body.

Anonymous said...

The info here is wrong,they did not form in la ,but started in latin america in the late 70's/early 80's

Anonymous said...

I recommend u watch the documentary mentioned in the clip- its on youtube. these are scary people. its more like 90k stateside, not 10k, in membership. 50% of the gang is illegal, and about 50% of their new recruits are illegal too. I know some of you mention they are in the 5 boros now, but hopefully they dont get out of control here. their m/o is typically to claim turf in the suburbs or medium sized cities as the primary cities like nyc have already been claimed by existing gangs. biggest turfs outside LA are suburban virginia of all places, followed in 3rd placeby nassau and suffolk (I guess suburban jersey is close behind). they are in newburgh, rochester, etc. they have put out hits on cops- follow them home, one landscaper was actually in the gang, gave the members tips from the inside, etc. dont mess with these guys...

Anonymous said...
heres the video. its an hr, but u should watch and send to friends.
nyc will NOT become as bad as LA county and the rest of southern cali- u have no idea how bad the situation is out there. U can also find vids of TEACHERS out there calling for the reclaimation of "el norte". Scary. how anyone actively promoting sedition and NOTbeing jailed is beyond me. look for race riots as the economy get worse. be glad u dont live in the border states. couple this with the disaster in the gulf, and things will be getting pretty hectic down south. be glad (for now) u all live in the NE.

Kevin Walsh said...

We saw MS13 tags under an overpass on Sunday's Newtown Historical Society tour

Anonymous said...

kevin- what neighborhood is that? elmhurst?
something else i left out- in southern cali they are pretty much ALL gangbangers. Outside of LA, their members have dayjobs- construction, working in kitchens, all the usual suspect type jobs. so your local "under the table" employers arent helping the situation. they also get together under the guise of playing soccer- so who knows if they are honest folks playing around or members talking business? females get gang-raped into the crew. they like machetes, chopping their vics up. again- avoid these guys.

Christina Wilkinson said...

The tour was in Woodside.

Anonymous said...

well didn't the ass say we'll take the illegals?? well here you go dumb ass.