Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More kids headed to summer school

From the Daily News:

Twice as many elementary and middle school kids could end up in summer school this year, preliminary data from the city Education Department shows.

The high number of third- through eighth-graders headed to summer school is an early indication that the city expects its scores to plummet on state exams, which are used to determine if a student fails a grade - and were supposed to become more rigorous this year.

Also, since the state has delayed the release of the final exam scores until the end of July, the city had to use raw, unscaled scores to determine how many kids to promote. And officials erred on the side of sending more students for summer help.

Their decisions will likely mean 20,500 third- through eighth-graders have to hit the books during the vacation. Last year, just 9,800 from the same grades were supposed to go.


Deke DaSilva said...

Any chance the Department of Ed will release the demographics of those lucky kids attending summer school??

Si se puede!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Bloomberg you're doing a hell of a job.

Anonymous said...

yep Bloomberg can now run on the Educational platform when he runs for President. Ghouliani has the 9/11 Hero status to run. ghouliani is the asshole that build the WTC command center in the worst location and didn't supply FDNY with working radios. RIP FDNY. Go to fucking hell Rudy

Anonymous said...

Keep building more schools so these wonderful children can continue to fail. It's our tax dollars that are paying for everything. Summer school, additional teacher's salaries, teacher's aides and anything else you can think of. The BOE told us that they were doing so great & that the children are getting good passing grades. DUH!!! What happened? Has the BOE been deceiving us??? They would never do that...would they??? You're damned right they would and have done so!!!!