Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lots of drunks in Corona

From the NY Post:

Corona, Queens, which shares a name with the popular Mexican beer, leads the city in drunk-driving arrests, NYPD statistics show.

There were 257 drunk-driving arrests so far this year in the 115th Precinct, which includes parts of Corona, East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights.

Roosevelt Avenue, in the heart of the neighborhood, has 80 bars and booze-peddling restaurants attracting drivers from around the region.

"They are always drinking around here," said beauty-shop owner Maria Samaniego. "The reason why you have a lot of drunk driving around here is because you have a lot of bars."

While DWI busts have dropped over 8 percent citywide so far this year compared with the same period in 2009, arrests remained exactly the same in the 115th Precinct.

The neighboring 110th Precinct — which includes Elmhurst and the rest of Corona, with notoriously hard-to-find mass transit and yellow cabs — had 167 DWI arrests through June 6 for the city's second highest total.

Elmhurst and Corona have "notoriously hard-to-find mass transit"??? They have the 7, E, F, V and R as well as many bus lines...

Yellow cabs aren't usually around, but the gypsy cabs pick you up.

Nice try, but that's not the reason.


Joe said...

--Montauk West
At least most dont have car's many will get deported ?

Anonymous said...

Corona is filled will illegals who drive cars without licenses or insurance, yet alone drive drunk. Drive on 108th street near Roosevelt Ave at your own risk on the way to Citifield and most likely you will get into a fender bender with these folks who will bolt/abandon the vehicle.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the "probable cause" for pulling people over in the first place is?

Captain Renault said...

Nice try, but that's not the reason.

Hah! Indeed!

I wonder what the demographics are for the arrest statistics?

I would guess a lot of "quants" working for hedge funds with names like: Goldstein, Wang, Shaw, Niederhoffer, Greenblatt, Chang, Gupta, Sharma, etc. Probably some particle physicists, maybe some mathematics professors, a couple chemical engineers....


Acorralar a los sospechosos de siempre!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vibrant and Diverse

Juan Mann said...

The immigration debate is heating up in Massachusetts after a suspected illegal immigrant allegedly crashed into a state lawmaker's car while driving drunk last week.

MyFoxBoston obtained police reports that show suspect Isaias Naranjo was arrested after crashing into state Rep. Mike Moran's car at 60 miles per hour and then bragging to police that they couldn't punish him.

According to the report, the suspect "just laughed, slurring that he was going to go back to 'my country' Mexico. 'Nothing is going to happen to me, man.'"

Though the suspect is being held after his blood alcohol content registered at .25, Massachusetts State Police spokesman David Procopio told that state policy prohibits police from looking into the suspect's immigration status.

That's after Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick rescinded an order three years ago by his predecessor Mitt Romney that empowered state police to enforce immigration law.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the "probable cause" for pulling people over in the first place is?
Who gives a rat's ass?

Fonso said...

I buy and regester car in North Carolina, they no ask for License or Inserece. Just give liberry card and money