Thursday, June 10, 2010

FDNY still facing the budget axe

From the Daily News:

The cash-crunched FDNY will have to shutter 20 companies by the end of the summer to save $37 million, Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano told the City Council Friday.

"There is no way around this: closing 20 companies will impact our service and impact everyone in this city," Cassano said.

Cassano insisted he could not identify the endangered companies because the FDNY is still deciding which units would have the least impact on service if they closed.

Council members did not promise they could find emergency cash this year, but FDNY sources said they were "hopeful" the companies could be saved.

Hey what happened to the $3B budget surplus we had?


Anonymous said...

It is so important that we do this with the 9th anniversary of the Father's Day fire coming up in a few days.

After all, what is an entire city burned to the ground and the residents and fireman barbequed compared to having money for new ball stadiums and buildings that no one can afford.

Anonymous said...

I find this crisis amazing.

The city doesn't have money for FIRE HOUSES BUT...

They have over $ 70 million dollars for BP Marty Markowitz's boondoggle of an Amphitheater in Seaside Park.

Here's the breakdown : $ 1 million from Counciman Recchia.
$ 2 million from Finance Chair, Senator Carl Kruger.
$ 10 million from our Mayor Bloomberg.

And over $ 60 million from BP Marty Markowitz's Piggy Bank.

What's wrong with this picture?

Let BP Marty Markowitz have his monument to himself & let the city burn?

Snake Plissskin said...

The thing I find amazing is how the preservation community remains mute on this - talking about stuff like trying to live with development and other sorry assed garbage - but then they are not shutting down firehouses in landmarked districts like the East Side, are they?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't QCC demand a developement moratorium until hospitals are reopened, schools are built, and firehouses taken off the chopping block?

Anonymous said...

When I read about the Rockaway Child burned to a crisp by gasoline, I was reminded that this is the ninth anniversary of Astoria's Father's Day Fire.

Here is a tribute to the brave men injured and killed in this horror: