Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Electronics recycling becomes state law

From NY1:

New Yorkers looking to get rid of their dusty old computer monitors will soon be able to recycle them for free.

Under a new law signed by Governor David Paterson, manufacturers that sell electronics are required to accept old and used products for recycling.

They also have to pay a registration fee and face surcharges if they fail to meet goals.

The so-called "e-waste" law also increases some fees for generating hazardous waste.

New York is the 22nd state to enact an electronic waste recycling law.

There is currently no uniform federal law.

It takes effect next April.


Anonymous said...

Put burdens on business. Thats the way you get out of a recession.

CntrySigns said...

There are gonna be a hell of a lot of computers and equipment thrown out between now and April

Patrick Sweeney said...

Nothing is "for free". The consumer is going to pick up the cost of this down the road.

Anonymous said...

This does not compute.