Sunday, June 6, 2010

DOB says there's nothing wrong here

From SI Live:

There’s no foul play going on at a construction site at 1434 Forest Hill Rd. This is simply what happens when a contractor runs out of money in the middle of a project.

Near Travis Avenue sits a site that was clearly under construction. The only thing it’s missing, and has been since the end of 2008, is progress.

The two-story brick building in New Springville is surrounded by a chain-link fence and thin wooden boards with graffiti. One strong gust of wind could send those sheathings soaring through one of the partially-finished structure’s broken windows.

No sidewalk exists outside of the 11,475-square-foot property; just overgrown weeds and shrubs, which are also growing freely in the area behind the fence and around the foundation.

Piles of cement blocks and bricks are stacked to the right of the building, trash bags in front of them. Other wooden boards are laid across the floor.

But nothing is officially wrong with the site, according to the city Department of Buildings (DOB). The only currently active complaint is that it’s stalled. That was put into effect on May 24.

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Anonymous said...

It looks interesting, very 80s. Why don't these people cut their losses and sell it to someone who can finish the job?