Thursday, June 3, 2010

Community concerned about vacant lot

From NY1:

After years of neglect, Jamaica residents are speaking out about safety risks presented by a nearby vacant lot.

(It's actually Rochdale Village.)


Anonymous said...

We don't want development. We don't want empty lots. We don't want any immigrants. We don't want our tax dollars for foreign aid. We don't like taxes. We don't want our social security messed with. We don't like this, We don't won't that. We have become a nation of cry babies. Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Safety risks" of a VACANT lot? That's a new one. Growing up in the 70s and watching the Bronx and South Queens burn, I don't ever recall anyone being concerned about the "safety risks" of burned out and abandoned buildings, which stood for a decade. Enjoy the lot. Cut the grass. Plant some flowers. Relax.

Queens Crapper said...

Maybe you assholes should watch the story before commenting. They are concerned that the lot is overgrown with weeds and is full of vermin. The management company of Rochdale Village is responsible for maintenance of the lot but lets it sit there, unkempt.

Yeah, a bunch of crybabies concerned about their neighborhood.

Total asshole commenters on here at times.

Anonymous said...

The gang signs being thrown up behind Lucky probably aren't going to help his cause.

Anonymous said...

It looks perfect for a park - or clean it up, fencing it if neccessary - send bill to owner.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure once the economy improves, the owners of Rochdale Village will build a sleek glass-and-steel tower on the lot to gentrify the area.

Crappy needs to cover more southeast Queens. It has so many empty lots, rundown homes, corrupt pols. It will keep you very busy.

Helen said...

All the people in the report seem concerned about their neighborhood. Hope that they can forget about the crooked pols and take their concerns to a Pastor. A square block can be turned into something beautiful.
And, as for the "gang signs" behind Lucky, who knows if they "represent" anything other than a teenager who wants to be seen on TV?