Friday, June 4, 2010

Coming soon to a sanctuary city near you!

From CBS 2:

A lawyer for reputed Jamaican drug boss Christopher Coke is reportedly in talks with the Justice Department about Coke's possible safe removal to New York to face charges.

Jamaica's top police official is vowing to capture Coke, who escaped a four-day assault on his slum stronghold.

For the last week, Jamaican security forces have been battling armed rebels who support the 40-year old accused drug kingpin, whom investigators said runs the Shower Posse, an international cartel with operations in several American cities, including New York.

According to an internal intelligence document obtained by CBS News, Coke and his cohorts, using fishing boats and small planes, "may attempt to flee the violence and enter the United States illegally to fight another day and control Jamaican criminal activity in the United States."

The document also states Coke and his crew may attempt to go through Belize in Honduras in order to sneak into the U.S. and settle down in any one of a number of major cities with established Jamaican criminal networks.


Anonymous said...

Secure our borders!!!!!!!!! Please Obama and my people in Arizona and everywhere else....let's stop making it a racial issuse and start working together. This country needs to know who is here and who is not.

Deke DaSilva said...

He's probably already here - collecting Social Security, unemployment, disability, Medicare/Medicaid, and he also qualifies under affirmative action for a Cabinet level position in the Obama administration.

Queens doesn't have to worry, he'd blend in more in Brooklyn, due to the large population of Yardies there.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg Welcomes You! No worries, Mon.

Miles Mullin said...

Happy B-day!