Friday, June 11, 2010

City fining cemeteries for puddles

From the Daily News:

Cemetery operators, who care for thousands of acres of green space in the city, say they are unfairly targeted in the city's annual battle against mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus.

Between April and October, cemeteries are under orders to remove all standing water from their premises. That includes everything from decorative urns to the small plastic vases that hold flowers at gravesites.

Over the past three years, the Health Department has issued 42 standing water violations to cemeteries in the city. Each can bring fines as high as $2,000.

But Jay Ivler, president of the New York State Association of Cemeteries, said its "ludicrous" for the city to hand out violations, especially after a rainfall.

"Would the Health Department cite the Parks Department if there was water in the roadway at Central Park after a rainstorm?" asked Ivler, also president of Mount Lebanon Cemetery in Glendale.

"Cemeteries are unique, given the size and the nature of them," said Richard Fishman, director of the New York State Division of Cemeteries. "The city needs to take that into consideration during inspections."

Cemetery visitors often add to the problem.

City officials acknowledged in a statement that "leaving flowers at a loved one's burial is meaningful and important. As a result this year, for the first time, the Health Department is permitting vases with wet sand or soil to hold flowers in the place of water."


georgetheatheist said...

Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep.
So beware, beware.

Anonymous said...

Can we fine the City for puddles in Willets Point?

Anonymous said...

Extreme, and a tough burden for the cemetaries, but if it dries up a few mosquito-breeding grounds not all bad.

Now, how many of you are going to make sure you don't have standing pools of water on your own property or if they cannot be drained, throw in a few goldfish to make them inhospitable to the insects.

Mosquitos carry several dozen serious diseases and species that can transmit malaria are found within our borders.

Anonymous said...

between mazeau street and 73 street is a "lot" that's own I believe by a real estate company, that has plenty of garbage, high weeds and standing water.. we had called city sanitation, community five, marge markey and liz crowley and apparently no one can do shit about it.

Anonymous said...

Will the city fine its citizens on a hot day if we sweat. Just ridiculous!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Will the city fine its citizens on a hot day if we sweat.

Good idea. Wunderbar!