Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bloomberg skips subway to avoid protesting kids

From NY1:

Students and parents planned a protest [Tuesday] morning outside Mayor Michael Bloomberg's subway station over the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's threat to take away free student MetroCards.

The protesters wanted to ask him if he would commit to saving the student MetroCards, which are set to be eliminated by the MTA in an effort to close its $800 million deficit.

There was no sign of the mayor at the station this morning; however, members of his security detail appeared and then left.

Protesters say they plan to show up at the station again [Wednesday] and Thursday.


Anonymous said...

The little faggot mayor wont be taking the train at that station as long as those protesters are there. He will send his fat goon security people to see if they are there everyday. He is a faggot and a little troll, should we expect more from him?

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I had to walk to school, in 3 feet of snow...

Anonymous said...

If the readers of this blog don't know by now :

The Mayor is giving over $ 10 million, Council Member Domenic Recchia is giving over $ 1 million,Senator Carl Kruger is giving over $ 2 million ,& BP Marty Markowitiz is giving over $ 60 million to build Mr. markowitz's memorial Amphitheater at Asser Levy Seaside Park.

Their feelings are F%&k the kids & parents. Let them pay for the MTA.

You can't touch us. Were are gods.

Anonymous said...

Anything you can do yourself, do it. Never rely on anyone for anything. If for some reason there is something you can't do and you have to rely on someone, EXPECT THE WORST.

Autonomy is the greatest concept one can hold within themselves.

Anonymous said...

Typical of Bloomberg to be cowardly.

Anonymous said...

those boys need to remove their shirts and wear some skimpy underwear and then Queen Bloomberg will appear

Anonymous said...

When I was in H.S. I took two buses and received a bus pass for each, but I still had to pay something like a nickel to 25 cents.
Perhaps they should look at this alternative, at least we got a break and the city still got some coin.