Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bloomberg is biggest campaign contributor

From the Daily News:

It's true: Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg, all by his lonesome, donated more money to campaigns in 2009 than the rest of the entire state's donors put together.

Obviously, most of that -- about $102 million -- was spent on his self-financed bid to win a third term, which he did in a narrow $175-per-vote victory over former city Comptroller Bill Thompson.

Bloomberg gave $109,490,000. Everybody else put together gave $90,723,510.19.

It really jumps out at you when you see it as a graph, which you can see right here, courtesy of NYPIRG.

Graphic from the Smart Asset


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Anonymous said...

And we are surprised because?

Anonymous said...

Not surprised, just angry.

Anonymous said...

I should be expecting a check for $175 in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Typical way all the elections have gone in this country for too long. He who has the most gold makes the rules.