Friday, February 12, 2010

Not an efficient use of taxpayer money

From the NY Post:

This is how not to get a bang for your buck.

Salaries and staff at the MTA division charged with overseeing the transit agency's $15 billion in megaprojects have ballooned for five straight years -- even though many of its high-profile construction jobs fell behind schedule and ran over budget during that time.

MTA Capital Construction staffing skyrocketed from 39 employees in 2004 to 151 in 2009, increasing total payroll by $10.6 million, according to records obtained by The Post.

The division's ranks were filled with construction experts and engineers whose job it is to make sure contractors hit deadlines and don't overspend, and to manage the $21 billion budget that includes the Second Avenue Subway and scores of station rehabs.

Total payroll in 2004 -- a year after the division was created -- was $4.1 million. By 2009, it had grown to $14.7 million.

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