Friday, February 12, 2010

Someone please stop Shulman!

From the Queens Chronicle:

Just when it looked like Flushing had no other land to develop, the city is pursuing a project that will add up to 100 units of affordable housing at Municipal Parking Lot 3.

The 157-space parking lot is located on 41st Avenue and abuts the Long Island Rail Road station. The federal program that would make the housing project feasible is tied in with updating the LIRR station, according to Claire Shulman, who is spearheading the plan.

The number of public parking spaces will be retained and Shulman hopes architects will find a way to add even more.

As part of the plan, the LIRR will make improvements by adding two elevators on both sides of the track soon and “hopefully add a station on the platform level, instead of just a ticket booth,” she said.

Shulman called it “a great project,” but acknowledged there is no timetable for implementation, saying “I hope to see it in my lifetime.”

Aside from helping to fill the need for affordable housing, the project is aimed at relieving overcrowding on the No. 7 subway line by making the LIRR more attractive. “This plan will make the railroad more accessible and more agreeable to the public,” Shulman said.


georgetheatheist said...

This shriveled-up old bat is insane. She won't stop until they build condominiums on her.

Anonymous said...

If she likes to build condos, then why not build a multilevel condominiums for cars on that same land that's already for cars! That's a simple great idea for the simple minded.

Anonymous said...

Shulman thinks that he way to reduce overcrowding on the 7 Train is to "make the station more attractive."

Is she that stupid? Make the LIRR more affordable to urban subway riders.

Thankfully, the Chinese community has its own solution to subway overcrowding, with shuttle buses to Elmhurst and Chinatown.

Anonymous said...

When will they start measuring that bovine bitch for an orange jumpsuit?

Anonymous said...

Amazing, I was just saying the other day how Flushing has way too many parking lots and not enough multifamily buildings! And wouldn't everyone agree that it has a gross over abundance of parks and one family homes???

Anonymous said...

Amazing, I was just saying the other day how Flushing has way too many parking lots and not enough multifamily buildings!

Agreed. Those one family plots are the last vestiges of greedy homeowners. Don't they realize that all of the new residents, legal and (mostly) illegal families deserve homes too? After all, the more the merrier. Right? Infrastructure be damned!!!!!!!!!

Anony2 said...

NOOOO, leave my train alone! Most of the 3rd workders haven't even figured out there is a railroad, and Lord knows I'm not looking to catch the death plague on the 7 train. Don't do a thing to it!

Although, I do think it's a real shame the Main St LIRR station is not handicapped accessible.

The Flushing Phantom said...

It was pointed out to me that one of the corridors leading towards the Queens Borough Presidents office used to be lined with portraits of previous borough presidents.

They were removed after Donald Manes' term ended abruptly.

Hoo-hah...they've been replaced by a panoply of shovels used for groung breaking...a whole f----g slew of them!

I guess Shulman is proud of all the over development projects in Queens that accompanied the destruction of formerly viable neighborhoods.

That malevolent c--t is just following her boss Manes' credo.

Didn't Donald once say something like:

"Queens has nothing but real estate and I intend to sell off (or develop?) every bit of it"...

Anonymous said...

Maybe some builder will up zone her cemetery plot some day...and replace it with high rise luxury condo burial vaults.

gone said...

It's not just Shulman that's to bear the sole blame.

It's CB#7, Parkside and the rest of that scurvy Queens clubhouse pond scum!

They have to keep on importing new voters.

The older ones are too wise for their antics.

So over build and overpopulate the area just like boss Tweed did.

But I no longer care very much...for I no longer live there.

Anonymous said...

Ugly is as ugly does...

Claire's ass would win out in a beauty contest with her face!

Anonymous said...

(LOL) That was a good one...but at least her fat rump is hidden from public view!

Imagine what her toilet bowl has to face each morning....GAG!

Anonymous said...

She looks like practically worm's meat already.

Unfortunately her tomb stone will be all of the ugly over development that she helped to create.

At least Robert Moses, by comparison, had a certain degree of style.

This crude Queens country bumpkin is just a coarse greedy grabbing bitch!

The Shulman legacy will be the continued corruption of Donald Manes.

Anonymous said...

Imagine what her toilet bowl has to face each morning....GAG!

No shit!

Anonymous said...

I was walking on Main Street (near Roosevelt Ave.) the other day and I actually saw a couple of feet of unoccupied space!!! By the time I got out my cellphone cam to record the momentous event, the space filled in. Darn!

Anonymous said...

Bitterman is hired by the CB and can only be removed by the CB... how do we get them to get rid of her?

And Kelty too?

Anonymous said...

she graduated from the P.T.A. at P.S.41 in Bayside,C.S.D. 26.

and the beat goes on.......

Anonymous said...

Someone please stop Wellington Chen!

I'm sure that Shulman's favorite asshole buddy TDC, F&T or Fultonex (and the little duke of Wellington) will be developing that site too.

Happy Lunar New Year Mr. Chen.

I'm mooning you at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Don't dump Bitterman.
He hubby Jack won't be able to attend all of those free fressing events and stuff himself like a chazzer.