Friday, February 12, 2010

Buying lawmakers' attention

From the NY Times:

An analysis of campaign finance records shows that the top 10 individual donors to House and Senate members from New York include some of the nation’s leading figures in real estate, energy, finance and law. Together, they gave slightly more than $381,000 last year.

Among organizations, the city’s white-shoe law firms and labor unions were the biggest givers, collectively contributing $1.5 million last year.

Five major labor unions gave nearly $740,000 total to New York’s representatives in Congress, while a trial lawyers’ group, the American Association for Justice, gave $176,000 to New York’s delegation.

The donors’ motivations vary widely, from a desire to protect their business interests to ideological allegiance to personal loyalty to concern over foreign policy. And they enjoy a level of access to the government that is unavailable to most people.

George Tsunis, who, along with his wife is No. 2 on the list of individual donors with $49,200 in contributions, said that his favored beneficiaries included three New York lawmakers who share his concern over protecting the interests of the Greek Orthodox Church in Turkey: Representatives Nita M. Lowey, Gary L. Ackerman and Carolyn B. Maloney.

“They’re all wonderful friends,” said Mr. Tsunis, the managing director of Chartwell Hotels, who estimates that he gave a total of $250,000 to candidates and party organizations across the country last year. “Congressman Ackerman came to my father’s wake.”

Mr. Tsunis, who also oversees his family’s real estate holdings, acknowledges that the money he gives ensures that his phone calls are taken by politicians. “I think it would be very na├»ve if I told you it didn’t,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Ackerman looks like he's ready to retire. Even his flower is starting to wilt...

Anonymous said...

This Tsunis stuff could wind up being some big tsouris for Congressman Gary.

Why do all of you idiot voters keep on putting this shit bag back into office?

Oh...I see...the "power" of the old (now diminishing) Jewish vote.

Who has Ackerman got left...his alta kakkas at Bay Terrace?

Not for very long.

Halloran trounced Kim in the midst of that Ackerman stronghold.

Time to say..."goodbye"...Gary.

Anonymous said...

I hope he runs and gets trounced by a Republican!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...hasta la vista you pig!

And take Mike Schenckler, Micheal Nussbaum and Michael Tobman with you!

We hope that by the next "Mike check" the 3 Mikes will be gone too.

I've already stopped using "Carnation" brand condensed milk.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Avella might be running (?) against Padavan.

He could really whip Ackerman's ass.

But I suppose the Democratic machine( who screwed Tony in the past) might now side with him to oust a long term Republican.

Dem club's $$$$$$ speak loudly.

Politics certainly does make strange turncoats.