Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vote Avella for change

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle):

I read with interest the July 16 letter by Benjamin Haber of Flushing concerning the possibility of using eminent domain at Willets Point. I agree with Mr. Haber that our mayor does have a great affinity for “fat-cat real estate moguls” and is indifferent to the poor, middle class and small businesses.This is true in all the boroughs.But Mr. Bloomberg is not necessarily beholden to special interests because these are his beliefs and vision, and his mayoral campaign is self-funded.

However, what many people do not realize is that if elected, Bill Thompson will, without a doubt, be beholden to the same fat-cat real estate moguls with whom Mr. Bloomberg has such a great affinity. Mr. Thompson has already accepted a lot of money from the big names in real estate — the Rudins and Milsteins, to name just two. All one has to do is look at the public records online of the Campaign Finance Board. Numbers do not lie, and it appears that Mr. Thompson is very much for sale. Because of this, there will be no change under Mr. Thompson — he and Bloomberg are essentially twins separated at birth.

I am excited at the mayoral candidacy of Tony Avella because he has spoken out about Willets Point and eminent domain and is against irresponsible development. He accepts no money from these moguls who own the city. He is his own man. He will represent all of us.

Think of what a mayoralty would be like under Avella — regulation of the real estate industry and standing up to big greedy developers — making New York City a model of responsible community planning.

Elizabeth Forel

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Anonymous said...

I read the most ridiculous comments on this site regarding Tony Avella. You would think he is some kind of god like creature. He is just as bad as the rest and has had some underhanded dealings as well. I seem to recall something about contaminated little league fields for which he was responsible in his college point district.

Taxpayer said...

Elizabeth is right.

Why do we New Yorkers act as though we do not deserve honest government?

We actually behave as though honest government is impossible.

Honest government IS possible.

That does not mean that there can be no differences of opinion on all sorts of policies and plans?

It is exactly those differences that require honest officials to acknowledge that, indeed, there ARE those differences, and that to make progress, those differences need to be reconciled - resolved.

Tony Avella is honest and intelligent enough to know that to oppose a particular policy or plan is not some deliberate offense to him.

An objection is just something to study and resolve.

We have learned what jackboot government is like. Now let's see that honest government is far, far better.

Vote for Tony Avella.

Anonymous said...

taxpayer, you keep telling everyone to vote for tony avella. you need to keep reminding them that they must be democrats and that they must vote in the primary first. most voters are too stupid to understand the political process - they think that you only vote every 4 years for president.

Anonymous said...

There is a segment of the population that will apparently vote for a flower pot over Bloomberg - the old ABB syndrome. But when it comes to irresponsible development, a Thompson mayoralty will be a carbon copy of Bloomberg's.

The press has not reported where Thompson is getting his money and how many "debt's he will owe so I appreciate a letter like this, whose information I actually verified on the campaign finance web site. It is true.

It is possible to have responsible,honest government but we have to be informed and we have to believe.

I appreciate Queens Crap for assisting greatly in that area. You are doing a super public service.

The corporate media is acting like the mayoral race is just between bloomberg and thompson, which cannot be further from the truth. And the public is allowing it to happen by not complaining to the editors of the newspapers and TV stations.

Papers like Metro and AMNY seem to be solidly in Bloomberg's pocket. They no longer even have a letters column.

Oh - BTW - I happen to be a Democrat and will vote for Tony Avella on September 15th.

Anonymous said...

Poster #1 sounds a lot like a Stavisky shill.

Wattsa matta...RU afraid that Tony might win?

Nice to know QC's power...that the clubhouse pols have to scope it on a daily basis and offer comments!

Anonymous said...

How many bills has Avella introduced?

How many have gotten passed?

How cooperative will the rest of the former city council members he's alienated be with the future Mayor Avella?

Politics has been called the art of the possible....especially when it comes to getting legislation passed.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:
... "How cooperative will the rest of the former city council members he's alienated be with the future Mayor Avella?' ...

- - -

If enough of us are smart enough to elect Tony Avella, the City Council members will be far to afraid of us (anyway, those who survive the slaughter) to oppose Tony as Mayor.

The council is made up of self-interested little roosters (even Quinn is a rooster) whose only concern is getting their hands on our tax dollars.

Electing Tony Avella will be the start of the change we need in the council

Electing Tony will be the start of the takeback of our sovereign control of our own lives, families and neighborhoods.

We should be smart enough by now, after all these decades (it seems) of the Commissar and his rule by tantrum.

Queens Crapper said...

"How cooperative will the rest of the former city council members he's alienated be with the future Mayor Avella?"

Tony Avella can't get his legislation passed because of Christine Quinn, who sets the agenda.

Dump Bloomberg and you'll dump Quinn.