Monday, August 17, 2009

Report: More blackouts likely

From NY1:

Six years after a major northeast blackout, a new report shows New York's energy infrastructure is making progress, but warns of challenges ahead.

The New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance says utilities are upgrading the electric grid and investing in facilities, but its study found New York remains at risk for outages, because of growing energy demand.

You mean we aren't ready for a million more people?


Anonymous said...

Whenever I see something like this I wonder about the rest of our Infrastructure. How is our sewerage going, will we be able to walk down the sidewalk. Public Transportation? Schools? Jails?

Or am I just a pessimist.

Anonymous said...

With all the overdevelopment in Queens and all the politicians getting their cut from developers, of course we will have more Blackouts. That's a no-brainer. Put the blame where it belongs -- On the Politicians and Developers. It's really not Con Edisons fault, although the politicians are quick to blame them.

Anonymous said...

The "New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance" is a lobby group funded by Entergy, the corporate owner of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. They will say anything to get their license renewed. Take this "study" with a grain of salt.

Snake Plissskin said...

Can you tell me one politcan who will get honest with people and give us power needs, and power need projections?

Green roofs, bike riders, yes, that takes care of 2%.

Now what about the other 98%?