Monday, August 17, 2009

A crap above - Brooklyn brownstone edition

From Lost City:

I am guessing that, with the new Carroll Gardens downsizing rezoning is on its way to being a reality, atrocities like this two-story growth above a brownstone would no longer be allowed. Let's hope not.

I sent this to someone who would know. The response:

"Actually - this development would still be allowed under the new zoning. Carroll Gardens was rezoned R6B and should have been rezoned R5B. R5B has max height of 33'; R6B has a 40' streetwall and a 50' height limit."

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Here is a building that could be improved with a few sticks of dynamite.

By the way, here is where the brownstone came from originally:

No more yellow brick, no more pretty stone. Calling Helen Keller to the Architect meeting, stat!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting

Anonymous said...

It looks like a weave or hair extension for a building...

Anonymous said...

Oh well my after community are going through the rezoning process blind - without the foggiest notion on what they are doing, getting advice from city planning that is wrong often to the point of disingenousness.

And their community board or elected official or community newspaper?

Oh sure.

The process is a big waste of time, a sort of feel good process that is full of sound and fury, and signifies little (that is unless you are in a landmarked disctrict, but we don't have to go there, do we?)

We need to start a community wide public educcation effort similar to the waterfront advocates or bike nuts, all groups financed (at the bottom) by developers.

The only communities that can spread the word, of course, don't give two shits on what is happening outside of their communities.

Read the Masque of the Red Death to figure out where they are going.