Friday, August 14, 2009

Judge grants Schleicher slumlord an extension

From the Times Ledger:

A Queens civil court judge indicated last week she would probably grant the owner of Schleicher’s Court more time to fix gas lines despite the fact the residents of the College Point mansion have been without the basic service for more than a year.

Rita Douglas, a resident of the building at 11-41 123rd St., said the owner, Eva Rohan, and a contractor looking to purchase the home, Robert Cuniffe, are expected to be granted 53 days to complete extensive renovations and repairs to the gas system at the 150-year old mansion when they reconvene in court Aug. 19.

A court order had demanded that Rohan complete repairs to restore gas service to the building, which has been without it since July 2008, in the spring but asked for an extension last month.

“It just never ends,” Douglas said. “What good is a court order then?”


Taxpayer said...

“It just never ends,” Douglas said. “What good is a court order then?”

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The answer depends on who is buying the judge.

Anonymous said...

Which envelope stuffing Crowley clubhouse hack is on that case?

Anonymous said...

what good is a court order? can put it back on the calendar for contempt of court, fines payable to the city.
can apply Local Law 7 to this case.

can use the court order as a defense in any non-pay or hold over cases.

my question would be who is the tenant's lawyer? this is the individual that I would expect to be turning on them while taking their money. The lawyer most likely cares more about their relationship w/ other attorneys than the mere peasants who hired them.

These people should not be paying any rent until everything is hunky dory. that will get the landlord working to fix everything. In fact, the court order can be used to get a permanent rent abatement.

Have they filed with the DHCR for a reduction in rent based on a reduction in services? that is what they should be doing. ("a reduction order for decrease in services" - they can each do one for the individual apartments and one for the entire building)

But once they get to the DHCR, they will have to jump through the hoops of the Korean scum who are taking bribes from landlords, Chan Joe. You can ask yourself how did the Koreans become power players in Queens real estate and get state jobs at the DHCR, a state agency?

Would it have something to do with the Korean bars that also serve as ho houses? Is this not PC of me to mention the Korean prostitution rings in Queens?

Anonymous said...

make claim to DHCR and get a rent reduction

Rita said...

Thank you so much for the info..we have already done this&we are paying the ''Slumlord''$1.00 per month until our full services are restored..And you are so right..what is wrong with our ''Lawyers''we asked them to do the fines&contempt of court,to no avail...&the Judge Maria Ressos knew on April.14,2009 when she went to the Mansion in person about the can just wonder what is going on..The Court System is in favor of these ''Slumlords''that is why they feel that they can do these things to human beings..The news has been good to us with coverage on this case..We go back to Court Aug.19,2009 for more bullshit delays.But,once again..many thanks for this very important information you gave us..
Schleicher's Court Resident

Anonymous said...

Typical developer trick, bleed them dry.

Take a look at this picture:
2009 Avella with the tenants.

Possible fast forward:
2010 Paulie Vallone meeting with Marshal and the developer at Boro Hall.

Its a waiting game and someone told the developer to wait them out.