Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fake safety cards still around

From the Daily News:

Days after the city imposed tough new standards on construction safety training, a bogus safety certificate surfaced at a troubled Manhattan high-rise.

The discovery last month of the illicit card, purportedly issued by the U.S. Labor Department, raises questions about enforcement of the new law and renews concerns about widespread bogus training.

"I never received any training," Brazilian immigrant carpenter Joao Dias, 37, told the Daily News after union investigators seized the card from him at a violation-plagued hotel rising at 30 W. 31st St.

"I never met the guy who signed it."


Building on Your Head Party said...

supports this excellent attempt to circumvent government red tape and speed necessary housing for our city.

linda said...

just shows the ones hiring the illegals are doing illegal shit themselves. city needs to crack down on the companies who don't follow the requirments and aren't paying the proper taxes. now if it was union workers, they would have the proper "site safety" card...... my family is union and they have it :)

Anonymous said...

Work for a union orgainzation and they dont give a shit wher eyou got the card, as long as you have it.

So "union" means ZIP....