Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A couple of winners running in Council District 25

Winner #1: Helen Sears
In her almost eight years on the Council, she said she is most proud of opening a cancer clinic at Elmhurst Hospital Center and securing funding for a women's health clinic there.

But critics have accused the longtime Jackson Heights resident of ignoring the needs of immigrant constituents.

Sears rejected the criticism.

"The people that use the health services at Elmhurst Hospital are all immigrants," she said.

So no Americans utilize the services at Elmhurst Hospital Center? Since St. John's and Parkway closed, I'm sure many more do now. Didn't realize we had a hospital specifically dedicated to serve only immigrants and that only immigrants got cancer or needed women's health care. I feel much better about those tax hikes now.


Winner #2: Danny Dromm
Dromm acknowledged he was arrested for prostitution in Levittown, L.I., when he was 16. But he denies he was ever a prostitute. He said he was making out with another man in a car when he was arrested in 1972. He told cops he was doing it for the money because he feared being outed as gay.

Yes! It's much better to have them think you are a gay prostitute than to have them think you are just gay...

Dromm pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was released. Then in 1988, he was arrested for drunken driving.

You sound like you'd fit right in at Crowley's Clubhouse.

Here's a NY1 interview that Dromm did about this issue.


Anonymous said...

This guy was arrested for prostituion AND for drunk driving ? How many times has this punk been arrested ? Who is this guy exactly ?

Anonymous said...

He was arrested while he was a teacher and he is still ateacher. Thats whats wrong with the system.

By the way Crappy, how exactly did this guy get his teachers license if he was arrested for prostituion ? They gave him a license to be around our kids ? A guy arrested for gay prostituion and drunk driving. You must be kidding me.

Anonymous said...

We should organize a protest at this miscreant Dromms school tommorow. I aim pulling my kids out of his school. Where the f..k is Bloomberg here to send this guy to the rubber room.

Queens Crapper said...

He was a teacher when he was 16?

Anonymous said...

What's Crowley's Clubhouse?

Anonymous said...

Dromm was just 16 years old when he made his mistake.

And what stupid episodes do any of you remember being involved in during your adolescence that you might be regretting now?

Dennis Gallagher was much older when he raped a grandmother in his city council district office.

Then there's those "sterling" examples of straight "manhood" Brian Mc Laughlin, Hiram Monserrate, yadda, yadda, etc .!

Don't throw any stones if your closet contains a skeleton.

Anonymous said...

Guys he was 16!

PS: Elmhurst Hospital has one of the best child trama ER's, so no that hospital is not the choice of immigrants

Anonymous said...

Real Estate Whore vs. Teenage Prostitute. Its on! Only in America.

Anonymous said...

What's Crowley's Clubhouse?

Stick around here, you will figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Aren't juvenile records supposed to be sealed? Only in America can such rules be circumvented for political expedience.

Anonymous said...

Dromm was just 16 years old when he made his mistake.

And what stupid episodes do any of you remember being involved in during your adolescence that you might be regretting now?


Anonymous said...

HE WAS NOT JUST 16 !!! You could say it all you like but thats a lie. He was just 16 all times he was charged with crimes ? Really ? The drunk driving was at 16 ?

Anonymous said...

I read today that that the woman driving on the Taconic was drunk and high and she killed 8 people.

Dromm should be given a break cause he is gay ? Im not voting for this guy and Im making sure everyone in my block and church know about this person.

Anonymous said...

So Danny Dromm was 16 years old in 1972 when he got arrested for prostition, but he was still 16 years old sixteen years later in 1988 when he was arrested for drunk driving ?

This guy is sounding more and more like a complete phony and most definetly a liar. Its making me think twice about everything I have heard about this guy.

Anonymous said...

"Aren't juvenile records supposed to be sealed? Only in America can such rules be circumvented for political expedience."

Oh, so now America sucks cuase this miscreant offered to blow a cop for money ? I knew it. Now the real Danny Dromm and his supporters come out. Two faced bullshit artists who have records as prostitutes and drunks.

Anonymous said...

Nice story. Poor young man. Except for the fact that there is a thing called police reports and would you know if the one on your arrest says you solicited a cop ? The make out story wont hold up, will it ?

Anonymous said...

Sears is part of Quinn's slush fund and term limits scandals. Domm did a mistake when he was young but he is a good guy, he fought for the community and he will do what is right. Give him a chance

Sears on the other hand has ignore all our calls and pleads and does what Quinn wants. Sears extended her term limits to 12 years without a public referendum. Vote Sears out to show how they MUST answer to us.

Anonymous said...

Humans are strange. I am not for prostitute but people want to riot when SEX is involved, they want to impeach a president for a Bj what are sheep when the REAL whore Quinn robs us of our money and our democracy. If you plan to do a protest then do it against SEARS,QUINN and Doucheberg who have use our taxes as their personal accounts and overturn term limits to continue their theft. Look at NYT and read who Billionaire Bloomberg distributed MILLIONS of OUR MONEY to particular groups for their support. They are stealing money from our tables. LET riot against them.

Anonymous said...

He was 16 years old when he was arrested, and it doesn't say whether he was convicted. (He may have been; I don't know.)

I am very anti-drunk driving, but if he's gone 20 years with a clean record, I'm willing to cut him some slack.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight:

1) Danny Dromm is in a parking lot making out with a guy and they get rousted by a cop.
2) Dromm then volunteers that he is a prositute so as not to appear gay.
3) He then says this was part of police harrassment like the cops are doing in the Village right now.

What is still unclear to me:

1) Why did he volunteer that he was a prostitute if he was making out with an aquintance ?
2) what did the other guy say ? was he arrested ? did he admit he was a john ?
3) Why would a sixteen year old kid be willing to be arrested as a gay prostitute and get bailed out by his parents as part of a strategy to stay closeted ?
4) does the police report say that Dromm in fact solicited a cop ?

Guess what. Its all bullshit. No one cares about what you did as a kid, but people should care if you lie about it today. And the arrests for DWI and other charges are not a joke. People die. Everyday. And you got arrested while you were a teacher. And someone should make sure there is a protest in front of this assholes campaign headquarters in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Its nice that youre willing to cut this miscreant some slack but I dont think all the voters are that stupid.

Anonymous said...

This must all be a joke blog posting. Danny Dromm is a prositute and a drunk driver ? youre joking right. The UFT thinks this guy should be their candidate. Im calling those people today.

TomLowenhaupt said...

Politics is a mean, tough, ugly, business. Few things are worse. One of good things that can be said for it is that it's better than that which it replaces - war.

I've known both Helen and Danny for more than a decade and know that they, like I, and most of those posting on this list, are imperfect.

I also know that they are caring and good people and I'd like to take a moment to publicly thank them both for their years of community service.

As the election approaches I hope we'll have robust opportunities to hear Danny and Helen's thoughts on how they propose serving our community over the next 4 years.


Thomas Lowenhaupt
Jackson Heights, New York

P.S. The essence of democracy is an intelligent conversation. Less venom in that conversation will enable more time spent on identifying and focusing on important issues. As well, we'll have a larger stock of residents willing to put their good names before us as candidates.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Helen Sears is happy to see some of the misguided comments. Sears stole democracy and sold our city to the real developers and deny our children a clean small well-rounded classroom. Sears doesn't stand up for us but for herself. We must put Sears out to show them how they must WORK for us and not for Quinn and the parasites. It is not about them but about us and WE MUST fire SEARS. she did too much damage to deserve another 4 years which will make her eligible for a life long pension that we must pay for

Anonymous said...

thanks to the Queens Dems we have this fine pair to vote for in the primary. ugh!

Anonymous said...

Consider the case of the High Line, the park in the Meatpacking District. The City of New York invested $170 million in the project, yet it couldn't afford to give the people the right to vote and kill democracy to extend their jobs. Fuck Sears, fuck her hard.
Should Sears how she should have listen to us and not kill democracy. they had NO moral right to overturn our votes to extend their jobs. She is vile and disgusting

Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas

I don't need to listen to Sear since her lousy voting records speaks Volumes Sears has voted for overdevelopment, slush funds and killing democracy. fuck her, fuck her hard and put this old bitch out of a job

Anonymous said...

Sears voted herself a third term, while the voters voted for term limits. It's time for the voters to vote her out. Anyone in politics who votes against the will of the people needs to go. Don't vote for anyone who voted for term limits. Send a message to these politicians that they work for us and are supposed to represent us.

Borat said...

I like Sears their craftsman tools are outstanding! stop knocking sears!

Art-fool Dodd-ger said...

Tom, you are not talking to a bunch of addled seniors in a nursing home, clueless fresh off the boat, or Tower Kids wide eyed in the big city that take marching orders without comment.

We are all tough seasoned vets of the urban fabric of this city.

If we find a performance on the playing field substandard, we yell.

If we eat a meal that is not up to par, we make our feelings known.

If we spend good money at the theater and see summer stock we pan it.

It is no longer acceptable for people like Helen or Danny to run things. We now have blogs. We now have a voice. We now are making our feelings known.

The old ways are dying. Blogs will only get stronger and stronger.

People like Helen and Danny will be gone before too long.

Anonymous said...

Stanley Kalathara for a better District 25!

Anonymous said...

The last time I looked neither Helen nor Stanley were arrested multiple times including charges of prostituion and drunk driving. and it wasnt just when danny was 16 years old cause that is in fact a youthful trangression. The problem is the is Dromm is lying about it now and apparently is talking about it to reporters inccestantly. Seems like a guilty guy trying to hide something.

Anonymous said...

why is this guy talking to reporters and making them look into it more ? Bizarre. Another politician with a death wish. These are the guys that end up stealing etc. Good thing we now about this guy early. He reminds me of Hiran Monseratte.

georgetheatheist said...

"...they want to impeach a president for a Bj.."

Clinton was not impeached for having sex in the Oval Office. He was impeached for perjury to a grand jury and obstruction of justice.

Anonymous said...

Dromm is disgusting. Im handing this newspaper article to my Veterans group and my church. Where did this guy come from ?

Pretty in Pink said...

Someone sent me this link.

I am bothered.

The vitriolic back and forth crap that poisons politics has been present for years in Jackson Heights (especially in the LGBT community). Thats no big deal.

My problem is I kinda knew who I was going to vote for. Not sure now.

I wish Danny just gave a little bit better explanation (more truthful and a lot more contrite). The people who support him understand. Just speak the truth cause he kinda sounds like her now. That political speak. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Methinks the homo-fobes (30+ have posted so far) doth protest too much!

I'd like to see Dromm get his ass kicked for stupidity but what he does in the privacy his bedroom is his business and his partners.

And how many of you out there sodomize (butt fuck) your wives or girlfriends?

That's a forbidden sin according to the Old Testament, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Privacy of someones bedroom is not the same as being a child molestor, prostitute or drunk driver. Look what happened on the Taconic. Danny Dromm is a multiple drunk driving offender, a convicted prostitute, etc. Lets get real. This has nothing to do with him being gay and if he plays the gay card then he gets into bigger trouble given his arrest record in recent time. Or did the cops twice years apart fake the level of alchohol in his blood system because he was gay ?

Anonymous said...

Pretty in Pink couldnt have said it better. Danny, a little apology and maybe some honesty ? do you really think youre going to win this battle if you make things up and hide behind being gay ? We are not all that gullible.

Anonymous said...

can we talk about dromms stints out of state for "treatment" and his recent ailments... its well known in his circle.

Anonymous said...

It's scary to see how a story gets blown out of proportion and has now grown to include insinuations of child molestation etc. These are slurs and insults that have been hurled at GLBT men and women for decades, to see that kind of small mindedness here and now in this day and age is disheartening.

We're talking about offenses that happened between 20 and 37 years ago. But no one looks at Dromm's Record for over the past 15 years.

Say what you want about his past, but you have to acknowledge he's dealing with it head on. Dromm is not hiding anything, unlike the anonymous source that has been attempting to smear him. Whoever is sending out this information should do so publicly. But this coward does not seem to have the courage of his or her convictions, whereas Dromm does.

Of course what's really sad is how the Sears campaign will not publicly condemn these homophobic smears. Of course, why should she ? This controversy diverts attention from the real issues at hand in her district. If she didn't have this distraction she'd have to talk about the issues, and that's not a good thing for Helen as she's quite out of touch with her constituents.

Anonymous said...

Thomas, you're looking in the wrong place for "intelligent conversation."

"Wow!" is all I have to say for the complete ignorance that shows up in 99% of posts on this issue. It scares me--really honestly scares me--that I share this lovely borough with such monstrous people as those who are posting. Ageism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, maybe a hint of racism...did I miss anything?

Helen Sears should not be attacked for her age or gender. Period.

Danny Dromm should not be attacked for his sexual orientation or anything that happened during his childhood. Period. Danny, or any candidate for that matter, doesn't owe any of you an explanation as to what happened when he was a child.

Not that it is going to quell the idiocy, but let me shine a little more light into your glass houses. To say Danny was a child prostitute is preposterous. He didn't want to say he was "gay" at a time when gay children were tortured--yes, TORTURED--by a deeply misguided society, including the mental health system. (Many gay men and lesbians from that time have very sad accounts of what they had to endure.) "Straight" men turned tricks for other "straight" men, even today but especially at that time. (How can people on this site not know this, considering all the national Republican sex scandals in recent years?)

Danny, as a child, had to make a tough choice. Seeing all the homophobic a**h***s who populate this website here in 2009 indicates to me he made the right choice considering his circumstances.

Having said all that, everything else is on the table. Helen's record in City Council is abysmal. Evalaute her on that. Danny, from my perspective, offers a much better alternative.

As for the driving record (and the above mentioned incident), Danny has always been forthcoming. Books have been written about the subject (although, judging from these comments, I suspect many people on this site don't read books). Danny founded the largest LGBT Pride event outside of Manhattan in reaction to both personal and public events, i.e., the murder of Julio Rivera and the Children of the Rainbow curriculum controversy. He has always been forthcoming. To say otherwise means you are willfully ignorant or just trying to appeal to the basest emotions to smear a person.

Anonymous said...

Danny has been arrested NOT ONE , NOT TWO... 3 TIMES - ACCORDING TO NY1..... Tomorrow is another day... and another arrest?
What a record... HE IS A VERY DOOG -good- TEACHER....
Where is the Board of Education? Looks like he got his teacher certification with a recomendation letter.... from
Teacher #1 Hiram Monserrat
Teacher #2 Jose Peralta
Teacher #2 Julissa "LIBRE" Ferreras
When is the RALLY?

Anonymous said...

as for the last two posters, I would love an honest polite dialogue on these questions I have as a FORMER supporter of Dannys.
1) EVERONE knows that the person who has been faxing around Danny Dromms criminal record is a GAY man who was his former opponent. Danny has told half the world that he knows that peron is doing it. So that guy, who is a gay activist, is also anti gay ? Cmon, Helen Sears wouldnt even know how to use a fax machine.
2) What does sponsoring a parade have to do with a criminal record for drunk driving ?
3) Do you believe that Danny was charged with carrying false ID because his partners pants were too tight or some such bizarre explanation he gave on NY1. No, he carried his partners ID, without the photo, because he had no license of his own. Not a big deal. This was a while ago. But why is Danny INSULTING the inteligence of every voter ? Just admit it and move on.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. On this "hate filled" blog, there isnt a single anti gay comment. Not one. But there are five "anti gay" accusations.

Danny and his supporters have really shown themselves. They arent the nice people who want to get along with everyone. They actually apparently hate and vilify everyone who is not gay cause they question the fact that a guy running for office has been convicted of 7 crimes.

And BTW Danny has not fessed up to anything. Everyday, a new story comes out and a new explanation.

Tight pants caused false ID and impersonating someone ?

He told cops he was aprositute blowing a man so no one would think he was gay ?

Anonymous said...

Why would Danny Dromm support Elizabeth Crowley over Charles Ober, a far more qualified (and gay) candidate? Only a bonafide political whore would do that.

Anonymous said...

Dromm says that gay people were forcibly put into mental institutions against their wills in the 1970s ? What the fuck is this guy talking about ?

As an African American (half), I am sick and tired of hearing guys like him correlate my communities struggle with theirs.

It is such a ridiculous claim. Lets be real. Dromm was fucked up as a kid, teenager and young adult. Who wasnt ? Who cares ?

Why all the bullshit about tight pants and mental institutions ? I DO NOT trust this guy and will vote for Sabini if he is running.

Anonymous said...

Why would Dromm oppose Jimmy Van Bramer and Alfonso Quiroz, two great community leaders, at every chance he can ?

Anonymous said...

crappy, please please post the dromm ny1 interview. its hilarious.

Anonymous said...

A double "Wow!" to the continuing ignorance after my comment above ("Thomas, you're looking in the wrong place..."). Will the truth shut these people up? No, because they don't care about the truth. This just goes to show that this IS a smear campaign.

It seems some of the more knowledgeable posters are somehow associated with the person who brought attention to the story. Like was mentioned above by someone else, it is pretty much an open secret who that is. Yes, sadly, there are anti-gay gay people! (Again, why are people surprised at this fact? It baffles me.)

It also baffles me that someone said there is not one single anti-gay comment! Are you for real? (I know people on this site don't read that much, but I assumed they knew how to read and think a little bit.)

Someone also asked what "sponsoring a parade"--this person who is trying to belittle Danny's accomplishments should have written "started a movement"--has to do with a DWI record. As Danny explained and as anyone who knows anything about the start of the organized LGBT movement in Queens, Danny and others used activism when they were overcoming some personal challenges. Good for Danny for turning to something positive for the benefit of himself and the rest of us!

Someone is also not satisfied with the explanation of where Danny put an i.d. when HE WAS A KID. It is none of your business. Are you that horrible a person that you can't stop going on about this?

As for issues that happened as an adult, if you are not satisfied with Danny's explanation (because you are better than G-d and have never done anything wrong), then so be it.

Finally, someone who claimed to be half African American threw racism in the mix. I was waiting for that one since just about every other "-ism" was advanced by other posters. Just to clarify, no one on this issue is "correlating" the struggles. Where did you get that? Even if they were, who cares? Corretta Scott King, John Lewis, Bayard Rustin, Julian Bond, and many other African Americans who gave their lives and livelihoods for civil rights have "correlated" the struggles. Save it for another topic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Dromm was being coerced by a closet/gay cop into performing but he refused.

And maybe that cop wrote him up to get even for being spurned instead of spermed.

It wouldn't be the first time this sort of thing happened with New York's "finest".

Anonymous said...

What about Dennis Gallagher's alcoholic binges...culminating in one count of grandma-rape?

And he was an elected councilman!

H-m-m-m....and wasn't John Sabini gay and caught drunk too?

Poor pristine and genteel JH....always caught in the middle.

I guess that being a landmarked district can't protect residents from everything.

Oh the shame of it all!

Anonymous said...

Dromm, "vaseline alley"...two of JH's prime tourist Terri Osborne?

Forget about those Bangkok sex junkets...vibrant diversity (and a good lube job) can be had right here at home!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I will never accept gay people.

What is next, kids?


It is a perversion, and I couldn't care less why Hollywood or the Machine is selling us this bill of goods.

Anonymous said...

The homophobic remarks are completely uncalled for. Danny has been a GAY hero. He has always supported GAY causes and other GAY candidates. His past criminal record is just that - PAST. He has cleaned up his act and has paid for his indiscretions. He deserves our praise and support as an OPEN, PROUD, GAY LEADER. I wil be voting for him. As for whoever leaked his record, that is not a consideration and shouldnt be. Its how Danny holds his head up and deals with his past every day. I am confused by his explanations, which seem to be all over the place, but that is besides the point. I also dont see the revelation of his record as anti-GAY because drinking and driving have nothing to do with being GAY. I can look past that because Ive talked with Danny about his past, and feel he is very, very remorseful and realizes he made a number of mistakes and is getting past them. I am troubled by how people who are close to him though are being very mean-spirited, and their actions may affect his votes. He hasn't lost mine, but they should not lose sight of the fact that negative and mean-spirited campaign tactics will turn people off. Please people, let us get past Danny's past record and support this true GAY leader and hero.

Anonymous said...

The Dromm people are writing this anti gay stuff. If Dromm tries to make this issue an antigay thing, he is going to hammered till he drops with the arrest records. what an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Danny Dromm says:

1) He was arrested in 1972 in Nassau County for prostitution because he believed he would be put in a mental institution against his will for being homosexual.

2) He was arrested in 1975 in Queens County for Criminal Impersonation of Another Person With Intent To Defraud, Motor Vehicle License Suspension and Failure to have Vehicle Insurance because his boyfriends jeans had no pockets and were too tight.

3) He was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in 1988 in Queens while he was a teacher and the discussion of this arrest is "homophobic."

7 Total Arrest Charges
5 Misdemeanors
3 Total Convictions

Yeah, I wish him well in his personal life but I am not too sure if I trust this guys honesty too much. And I am gay.

Layla said...

what about Van Bramer and Quiroz. The Dromm cabal has been going after my friends for ten years.

Fight for your right to PARTY !!!! said...

Which gay candidates had Danny supported ? He opposed van Bramer when he ran for Council, opposed Jimmy when he tried running for State Committee person in Corona, opposed Jimmys appointment to State Committee person in Long Island City, opposed Alphonsos campaign to become Democratic Distict Leader in Corona, opposed Alphonsos campaign to become State Committee person in Jackson Heights.

Give me a break with the holier than thou bullshit.

He has badmouth both of these good guys each time they had a shot at getting something spreading nasty rumours about them.

Anonymous said...

Mom... my teacher is the best teacher in the world.
at 16 he was a male prostitute
in his 30something he was driving drunk and using others peoples ID what a cool teacher..... mommy i want to be like my teacher... hes my roll model... SHAME ON YOU UFT.. SHAME ON YOU WFP... SHAME ON YOU JULISSA LIBRE

Pissed off in JH said...

Dromms supporters really piss me off. I am a homophone and a racist cause I want to know answers to the fact that this candidate has been arrested 3 times ? there is something wrong with that ? im a homophobe ? My own kid is gay motherfucker and I dont need you to tell me who I am. I am not running for Council motherfucker. Danny Dromm is and if he wants my families votes I expect some better fuckin answers than "my boyfirends jeans had no pockets." Just another phony baloney politician. Fuck him. He lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

Next time Danny Dromm talks to the press and has a press conference, maybe someone should hand the press the actual police reports on his arrests. And we get to see what is real and what is lies. Nassau and Queens cops love when some guy goes out and attacks them. Of ourse they wouldnt provide anyone with these reports. Yes, Mr. Dromm. What a fuckin idiot.

Anonymous said...

Dromm is just another run of the mill aspiring political opportunist with an agenda and quite a past (like most elected pols have if you look closely).

And perhaps there's still a pinch of vendetta in his soul...rebelling against authority...particularly the cops that arrested him.

So he made his anti gay bashing crusade his cause celebre.

A lot of gay men that I've met seem to be just boys who refuse to grow up just like J.M Barrie's "Peter Pan".

Maybe being gay is simply a case of arrested development.

I think we'd all like not to see this irresponsible candidate's political career go any further.

He's got too much of an ax to grind for those who refuse to support his sexual preference.

Anonymous said...


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IMPORTANT: Cleared fingerprints do not guarantee employment with DOE.

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Anonymous said...

By now, it is quite obvious that the same three or four people continue to post (virtually) the same post over and over.

Folks, this is what happens when you're dealing with someone who has done more for the JH community (and it's surrounding area) in the past 15 years than most people have done in their lives. You can't really attack his record as a community organizer and elected official, so you harp on something that happened in *1972* that is frankly nobody's business. Why should anyone care that he was kissing some guy in a car at the age of 16? Now, the DUI is a big deal. However, Dromm has been very open about this, admits that he made a serious mistake in the late 80's, and has not touched a drink since the incident occurred--again, over 20 years ago. This is genuine repentance.

If Dromm were running in, oh, 1989, this would certainly be an issue. Folks--this is 2009. Are you the same person you were over 20 years ago??

There are THRONGS of former students, parents of said students, neighbors, business owners, activists, etc. who can attest/have attested to above, and who have born witness to Dromm's good character and strong leadership skills.

This type of behavior--resurrecting decades-old skeletons that have no relevance to the election at hand--is the last refuge of the politically desperate. Let's get back to race at hand. If you think Sears has done a terrific job in the NYC Council, vote for her. If you think Sears's leadership is inadequate (in my opinion, she hasn't done much for the district in 8 years...frustrating the street vendors doesn't count), and think it's time for a positive change, vote for Danny Dromm.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm going to ignore all of the vitriol show in the comments. I have no need to spend time convincing people like that of anything.
Secondly, if any of you New Yorkers are as angry as I am about these homophobic attacks on Dromm, you should know about this big volunteer canvass and phone bank this weekend in support of Dromm. Some volunteers have put a Facebook event up, but I can't post hyperlinks so here's the information:
When: Both Saturday and Sunday (the 15th and 16th), 1 pm to 6 pm.
Where: starting in the Dromm campaign office at 77-15 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, Queens.
Why: Because Dromm is a great guy challenging a lazy incumbent.
Contact: Yessika Giraldo, organizer 718-205-1385