Sunday, August 9, 2009

Douglas Manor beach is dirtiest in the city

From the Times Ledger:

A national study of the nation’s beaches found that two Queens beaches — Douglas Manor and Rockaway’s Breezy Point — were among the city’s three most-polluted swimming sites.

The National Resources Defense Council released its annual study July 29 that reviews bacteria counts at beaches across the nation resulting from a variety of factors, including sewage spills and pollution washed into waterways by rainfall. The study also rates beaches based on water quality and how often they were closed down.

This year’s study found that Douglas Manor Beach was the city’s most polluted beach, exceeding acceptable bacteria count levels by 13 percent, while Breezy Point exceeded acceptable levels by 11 percent, tying for second place with Brooklyn’s Gerritsen/Kiddie Beach as the city’s second most-polluted beach.

Last week, the city Health Department said Douglas Manor Beach had either been closed or given advisories against swimming during a total of 46 days since the beginning of the summer.


Anonymous said...

This is the citys own fault. There is an old sloppy grandfatherd sewage treatment plants that constantly has accidents dumping into the Bronx river.

Its messing up the water from Queens to Oyster Bay.
The brown tide is also starting to act up in the sound.
You cant see more then a foot in parts of Little Neck, Manhasset and Hempstead bays.
Its all dead seaweed

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Breezy Point, the Irish Riviera. Never understood why that place was so popular.

Napa John said...

There are no sewers in Douglaston Manor. The sewage for all the homes collects in old, private cesspools. The contents leech into the soil and eventually find their way to Little Neck Bay. It is worst after a rain storm when the cesspools overflow and sewage goes straight into the Bay - yucch.

I used to swim there regularly as a boy and became accustomed to ear aches, rashes and floating turds and condoms. Nice.

It'll never change unless sewers are installed but that will never happen because the Manor will then be ripe for Queens Crap multi-family dwellings rather than the charming older single family homes there now.

You take the bad with the good.

Anonymous said...

How bad is the water in Rockaway around 116th Street. I always thought Rockaway was one of the cleaner beaches because it was farther east.

-Joe said...

The manor has it share of street runnoff as well but Naa, that was an old excuse to bust the zoning.
They put sewers and down Communiety drive and up into Great Neck and things got WORST. Now the water cant go down since a good 60% of all the ground is now concrete

Most that raw sewage in Little Neck Bay comes from the Bronx and Bayside.
Off the Cross Island you can see all the slop from Bayside streets jetting out like 20 inch corrigated pipes like Hoover Dam up to 12 hours after a rain.

They may as well put turbines and make electricity. The grandfathered pipes dumping into the Bronx creeks and rivers are worse.
I gave up my boat, moved it to the Peconic. You can no longer do anything or have fun in the NYC-Nassau County waters.
1-Cant swim or water ski to polluted.
2- Drop anchor anyplace interesting and the cops come with guns pointed at you "what are you ding here" Then its be arrested or let them rip you boat apart without a warrent.


Anonymous said...

Nice to know that those Manor "swells" have some down to earth problems just like the rest of us.

I wouldn't swim in any local NYC waters.

And those dopes who fish at Fort Totten.

Their catch probably glows in the dark!

Anonymous said...

Douglas Manor is the last of our borough's north shore beaches.

Anonymous said...

And those dopes who fish at Fort Totten.
Them tweeds cant resist them Porgys. Same sh*t in Manorhaven now.
They bait 8 hooks at once with garbage from dumpsters

Anonymous said...

If the water at the Douglas Manor Dock is so filthy, how come it's clean enough for their annual Splash and Dash Biathalon which is scheduled again this year on September 20, 2009? What's wrong with this picture? Why isn't the Department of Health and/or the DEP
shutting them down?

Anonymous said...

I have been swimming, sailing, water skiing and tubing in the bay for twenty years, as have several of the elderly people who live here. I am healthy and lead a very active lifestyle. I have NEVER seen turds or condoms floating in the water, nor have I become sick after swimming. I am not naive enough to say that it is the cleanest water out there, but as in any bay, you have to know when the right time to swim is. Obviously, you would never do so after a heavy rain or low tide. I will always be thankful to have grown up in such a wonderful place, am more than happy to be a boat owner here and one day, hope to raise my children here.

Anonymous said...

This is the citys own fault entirely like im a young kid who already knows what condoms look like wtf!
ive even seen a dead rat flouating in the water, and ocasionaly a floating turd. the bay actualy is pretty clean considering all the sh*t is a the bottom, so i will continue to swim at the bay.the bay is packed with fish, jellyfish and crabs, so how could swimming there be so bad