Friday, August 7, 2009

Council staffers receive pay raise


The City Council followed in lockstep with Mayor Bloomberg yesterday, announcing an 8 percent raise for all staff members this year.

The raises match those the mayor gave to his non-union staff following a contract with the city's largest municipal union, District Council 37.

They will go into effect immediately. One will be a 4-percent raise retroactive to March 2008 and the other 4-percent increase will date back to March of this year.

The Council could not immediately say how much the raises would cost.


Anonymous said...

please volunteer for yetta kurland campaign, she is running against christine quinn, We need to put this whore back in the streets.

Anonymous said...

So my taxes are raised just to give those Bloomberg bobble headed city council c--k suckers a raise?

Where's an Oliver Cromwell when you need one to depose an indifferent condescending monarch? !!!

Bounce Bloomberg at the polls this with his head!

Anonymous said...

Well, another fine example of being rewarded for bad behavior. I have not seen this reported on the local news shows. Hmmm.... I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

In business, when you are having tough financial times you tend to pull tighter on the purse strings and take less money out of your business. Why are we constantly hearing about pay raises in city and state gov't? Can't we have a moratorium for 1-2 years on pay raises until issues are straightened out? Years ago municipal workers did not make huge salaries, but had good retirement packages in exchange. Today, they have both- one reason why the city and state govt's are getting themselves in financial trouble

Snake Plissskin said...

Yet another exmaple of the contempt these people have for us.

Where is Thompson - perhaps Mr Good Fiscal Policy can comment.

Both Thompson and Blumturd don't want you to know that things will blow up next year.

Anonymous said...

I thought the city had no money. These politicians use our tax dollars for their own purpose. Make sure you vote this PIG out in the next election. I love their formula CITY IS BROKE = RAISE TAXES. Meanwhile New Yorkers are struggling while these hacks get raises.

faster340 said...

8%?!?!?!?!?! What a joke! Most people are getting none (like the memo that went out in my company in January that said no raises for 2 years) or a minimum of 2-4%... What have they been doing for such a large raise?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about city council staffers, but agency managers have never received a raise before. the staffers get raises annually, making their salaries close to and sometimes more than the managers. most managers do not make a whole lot, especially compared to private industry. their benefits are worse that the union folk too.