Friday, August 7, 2009

5 Pointz staying put

From the Times Ledger:

As more than 100 artists vacate their illegal studios in the Long Island City building where a staircase collapse seriously injured a woman, one bright spot for urban art aficionados remains: 5 Pointz, the graffiti art collective that has painted the structure’s exterior walls, is staying put.

A formal graffiti program has existed at the building since at least 1996, when Wolkoff and organizer Pat DeLillo launched what they called the Phun Factory. Cohen took over the graffiti project in 2002, renaming it 5 Pointz. He is now hoping to turn the building into a museum, noting he is in talks with a group to help him with fund-raising.

“We get anywhere from one to two tour buses every day,” he said, noting the building also draws crowds on Saturdays from P.S. 1’s outdoor parties. “New York needs a graffiti museum. It originated here. Whether you like it or not, it’s art.”


Anonymous said...

'Graffiti is art.' STFU.

Anonymous said...

There is some amazing art on that building, and I dont usually care for most graffiti art. Walk around the whole building on the outside and you will find some impressive work.

It has nothing to do with dumb gang tagging. Sadly people mix the two up.

ceiling on my head lady said...

Tour buses? How will they protect the public from the decaying condition of the building?

I hope that the tour money finds it's way into the injured artists pocket.

Anonymous said...

The general structure of the building (after all repairs) is quite sound...ceiling on your fat ass lady!

And you STFU yourself poster #1
(Pete Vallone Jr. perhaps?)!

You wouldn't know your ass from your penis or vagina when it comes to avante garde aerosol art!

Both of you (and any other ignorant malcontents) go and get yourself a real life instead of babbling out your hatred all over the net.

Anonymous said...

People who very often don't have much of a life, talent, or income frequently resort to internet posting as a cheap substitute for psychotherapy.

It can become the grandest soap box session in the world for the unloading of drivel.

Now we all know why therapists command such hefty fees.

It's for having their ears bent for hours putting up with their patients endless rants.

Anonymous said...

People who very often don't have much of a life, talent, or income frequently resort to internet posting as a cheap substitute for psychotherapy.

yes, stop posting on blogs and get your news from the newspapers like all the seniors do.

afterall, people get paid to do the news and they are professionals.


-Joe said...

Im just wondering. Since when is this crap art ?
I passed this on the John Rocker express (#7) on my way to see the Fireworks.
I thaught was power gliding over South Central Los Angelos.
The grafetti goes up to 5 or 6th floor to the roof and ON THE ROOF.

They must have released over a 2 ton's of CFC's using spray cans to paint this full city block 5 story high mess.

Let me get this righ:
The sc*mbag mayor is OK with this yet sends goons to ticket some old guy selling snow cones @ Grover Cleavland park ?

BTW: John Rocker was right about the 7 train

ceiling on my head lady said...

Why are you making fun of me? I have no problems with grafitti art on that building, in fact I think the perfect place for it is where it is wanted.

My beef was with an artist being flung scores of feet to her near death and people continuing to rake in the cash while a woman suffers in pain.

If you have a beef with that, then you are truly wicked.

Lino said...

These quotes put it where it's at:

“I knew when it happened that we’d be open again,” said Jonathan “MeresOne” Cohen, who runs 5 Pointz"

"“It was a little stressful, but things happen,”"

In other words, too bad about that lady, now, let us get back to our juvenile art.


It appears from that article that while the spray painters will be allowed continue (outside) the actual artists that inhabited the building are out-of-luck.

"He is now hoping to turn the building into a museum, noting he is in talks with a group to help him with fund-raising."

" “New York needs a graffiti museum. It originated here. Whether you like it or not, it’s art.”

Graffiti certainly did -not- originate here. Ignorant remark..not surprising.

Most of New York doesn't like it.

Good luck grant bumming this one.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant "Joe"...I think your "Los Angelos" is spelled Los Angeles!

Like the world really respects your personal assessment of what constitutes real A-R-T!

Step back into the little boys room and continue playing with yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Lino" does his best posting while he's "bending over" his keyboard with his butt in the air.

You can earn some extra money multi-tasking in this fashion.

Another malcontent, untalented wannabee art critic.

Those who can...DO IT!


We await, with baited breath, your counter-comment "Lino" lazy cyber-snob.

Anonymous said...

"Wicked, wicked, wicked"...the "lady" is on her soapbox again!

Maybe that bit of ceiling affected her reasoning ability.

Anonymous said...

If you really think that "Meres" doesn't care about Nicole (the injured woman) or puts his painting before her suffering...then you've obviously never met him.

I've known him for well over 10 years now.

So I'd please advise you to let go of your hateful stereotyping.

I can personally attest to the fact that he's a highly intelligent, talented, caring and generous man.

Many others who have met him would agree with me on this.

I once saw him descend a ladder and suddenly interrupt his work on a wall mural...just to come down to talk with a kid off the street who expressed an interest in art.

You really sound quite bitter.

Who bent you out of shape to give you your misconceptions?

I have pity for you.

You're really missing out on a lot of life with the personal devils that you are allowing to torture your soul.

Peace be with you brother (or sister).

Anonymous said...

No my reasoning ability is fine. I am also familiar with the corruption involved in New York City and all its agencies. My building was "structurally" sound as ceilings were falling. Neighbors of mine saw DOB inspectors rewarded with flatscreen TVs and other bribes.

It is amazing how an envelope of cash shields things from sight. If you are an artist chomping at the bit to get back into your building, I beg you to make other arrangements if possible for your own life and safety. If you don't protect yourself, no one else will.

As for the smart aleck insulting me, don't forget, you can pay off the law, but the law of gravity is at work 24/7. I hope you're not being dug out of rubble soon.

Lino said...

A spraypaint "artist" opined:

"Another malcontent, untalented wannabee art critic.

Those who can...DO IT!"

...and in your case..those who do it get arrested.

You people write the way you paint..scatter-brained, foul and juvenile.

I am personally glad that your "work" will be allowed to continue on that serves as an outlet for you, and a quarantine of sorts. Too bad it gives such an awful first impression of the borough.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, a lot of angry simpleminded assholes are posting here who don't understand shit...the stuff that's leaking out of both ends of their alimentary tubes simultaneously!

Point #1.
The aerosol A-R-T...ART murals at 5 Pointz are done with permission so nobody gets dull witted doofus!

Point #2.
What's DOB corruption got to do with the perennial arguments as to whether aerosol art is art or not art?

You're a D-U-M-B A-S-S...period!

And the insults hurled at you are apparently very well deserved!

Anonymous said...

You keep on jerking yourselves off all you dumb blind haters.

You'll eventually arrive at some sort of solution...sticky as it might your ignorance.