Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chinatown building unstable

From 1010WINS:

Residents of a six-story apartment building in Chinatown have received some bad news.

New York City's buildings department and OEM examined the structure Wednesday afternoon and declared it unsafe, issuing a full vacate order and intent to demolish.

Hotel construction on one side of the building and the demolition of a building on the other side have apparently weakened the 99-year-old structure.

About 35 people living in the building at 128 Hester Street have been evacuated and placed in hotels by the Red Cross and will now have to look for a new place to live.

City Councilman Alan Gerson said dozens of complaints regarding the tenement were ignored by the buildings department.

The residents will be allowed to retrieve their belongings before the building is demolished.


Anonymous said...

I guess now they can expand the hotel they are building.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the falure of the preservation movement in this city.

But, this doesnt happen in Brooklyn Heights, so its not a problem.

Anonymous said...

35 people living in the building? You probably left off a zero!

Anonymous said...

Left A zero? more like 2 zeros.

Some of the buildings in chinatown (around henry and pike street) dont even have bathrooms inside their apartments. They have HALLWAY toilets and I am not joking at all.
If you think im kidding go there.

It might actually be a good thing that that time bomb collapsed.

Fuck preserving those shit holes.

b said...

Applauds another excellent result by the Bloomberg administration

Shneps/Shenckler/Rhoades said...

Hey...fugghettabout it!

It's dragon boat racing time again in FMCP!

Let's all dwell on lighter subjects!

Anonymous said...

Who is behind the hotel going up next door? Buildings are known to have problems purposely, when a developer originally wanted the property next door, but the owner holds out.