Monday, August 3, 2009

Bloomberg tries to hurt fellow GOP candidate

From the Daily News:

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, a nonpartisan Chicago-based organization that advocates for ballot access reform, chastised Mayor Bloomberg's campaign for petition challenges filed by one of his GOP operatives, John Haggerty Jr.

The fairly new foundation, which includes Ballot Access News editor and publisher Richard Winger among its board members, released the following statement:

"...what about the candidates whose petitions are being challenged?
Will they be able to see their names on the ballot?
Not if Mayor Bloomberg has his way.""

The statement goes on to note that Haggerty, referred to as the mayor's "personal petitioning coordinator, challenged the petitions of a number of candidates, including Robert Hornak, the GOP Queens BP hopeful, and everyone seeking to run citywide on the Conservative Party line.

Hey, remember this? I guess the mayor's really a Marshall man.


Anonymous said...

Take a hike Mayor Mike!

Make sure that this scum sucking pig doesn't get a 3rd term!

Taxpayer said...

Just more evidence that nobody is safe from this Commissar's grasping ambition.

He's afraid of a little competition?

He knows he doesn't stand a chance.

As for the Republican party? He's taking it down with him, and the Republicans won't be missed!

And I am a gigantic believer in a vigorous two-party system. Too bad that in New York, there just is no Republican party. Just a bunch of creepy, lazy, cowardly Commissar lickspittles.