Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mystery surrounds woman's murder

From 1010WINS:

Police on Thursday were investigating whether a woman found beaten to death in her SUV was killed in a botched extortion plot from her native China.

Chao Ru Xie was found Monday slumped between the seats of her family's vehicle in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, miles from its home. Her husband reported an unauthorized use of the SUV on July 1. It's unclear when the wife last was seen.

The husband told police the family received a call from China demanding money. Investigators have been unable to verify the information.

The victim moved from China about a decade ago, and police said she ran a type of homegrown lottery in Manhattan's Chinatown.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she cheated John Liu out of some money and he sent one of his criminal buddies to put the stretch on her.

Anonymous said...

"homegrown lottery" wtf??? sounds like gambling to me. husband did it!

Anonymous said...

Bringing up John Liu every time there is a story about Asians is like bring up Tony Avella every time there is a story about the mob.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she had some involvement with people smugglers and now they want to be paid for their services. Chinese people forced into slavery to pay off the cost of getting them here is all in the news. Perhaps we need to enforce the death penalty for cases like this.