Thursday, July 9, 2009

Queens Chronicle endorses Bloomberg

Gee, I wonder why they endorsed Bloomberg?

I notice in their interview with him, they didn't mention term limits. (Must have been part of the deal.)

This is exhibit A for why Queens weeklies are a joke. They endorsed him based on his phony school test scores and fudged crime numbers.

I remember when papers used to endorse candidates in primaries first...


Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of ass kissing idiots! NOW I will have to stop reading the "QUEENS CHRONICAL"...

italian girl said...

Don't they realize how stupid they look when everyone around hates Bloomass? I can't find one person that likes him or what he's done for the city.

What are you thinking Queens Chronicle?

linda said...

all newspapers are ass wipes. have no respect for them and that's why i don't buy and read the shit.

linda said...

oh don't even read the free shit!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Dear Queens Crap: Please give us barf bag warnings! I almost threw up on my computer.
Here is my latest youtube...I made it after being sleep deprived and I can't sing in key but my dress has a little bit of the Jacqueline Bisset feel for those who enjoyed watching The Deep. I compare him and Christine Quinn to George Bush -- so please forgive the exhausted attempt to sing as a parody "NO MORE" by Eddie Vedder from In to the Wild and oust the king.
If you show up and vote we can oust mayor bloomberg and gang!!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

I am really sickened with all the newspapers kissing the little emperor of NYC's mega billion dollar posterior! Isn't bad enough he is spending mega bucks on an Orwellian ad campaign with no opposing ads.

The tsunami of community crushing development is no much different than tsunami of an economic meltdown both driven by greed, stupidity and no regulations except those favoring greed.

Oust the king, reclaim democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jews run this city!


Anonymous said...

It's called full page ads! Journalism in Queens has no credibility...other than the blogs like the best, the Queens Crap site! Liz, some advice for ya...get out while the getting's good.

Queens Crapper said...

Liz, you really want to stop posting spam bullshit from other blogs here. If you don't, I will unveil the shit I have regarding you, a parked car, a man caught with his pants down and a police report.

Knock it off.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Jews run this city!


Thursday, July 09, 2009

And you're a nasty, twisted, bitter, hate-addled asshole.


Anonymous said...

Queens Chronical is a good liner for my cat's litterbox

Anonymous said...

SuzannahBTroyartiste finally gave in to the realization that sex sells.

Anonymous said...

Well, if writing for the Chronicle doesn't work out for Liz Rhodes, she can always get a job writing for the Parkside Group. Oops. She already is! Check out the interview with Bloomtard in this week's paper. Can their noses get any browner?

Anonymous said...

"Queens Chronical is a good liner for my cat's litterbox"

I think that sums it up best. Dont waste the paper - use the paper as waste.

I fear that Bloomturd is an inevitability though. His signs are all over local businesses. I have spoken with a few local shopkeeps and told them I would never again patronize their business again with his sign in the window. Two relented and the signs are gone. Two others still have the signs up, and I will, like I said, wont patronize them again.

If there is any chance to defeat turd, it comes in Queens. Do what you can to get his signs down. I dont mean through vandalism. Be respectful. If you fail in a certain location, tell a friend to protest the sign also.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Jennifer Manley of the Commisar's Affairs Unit and her former employment at the Chronicle.

Anonymous said...

This makes my day. The post's that are on here are so funny and full of Bullshit and empty promises. It's a shame that nothing constructive ever comes out of all this useless communication. Is anyone reallY surprised that Bloomberg was endorsed by this paper, come on grow up. In the end he will get 9 out of 10 of the local and city papers to endorse him. Tony should start a plan "B", (AND I LIKE HIM!!)and face the facts. Money rules in all aspects of life.
Enjoy your weekend, I'm going to out east. Thanks for the laughs.
Say hello to Elvis. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

If there is any chance to defeat turd, it comes in Queens. Do what you can to get his signs down. I dont mean through vandalism. Be respectful. If you fail in a certain location, tell a friend to protest the sign also.

Excellent point! But how many of you will write letters to the Chron? eh? Write them and share a copy with Crappy!

You have to ACT UP if there is a pol, a press, a camera, and find some reason to object to this man.

And Susannah, for heavens sake, everyone cant be getting funding from the pols or developers. SOMEONE in the arts community must feel like you. Encourage them to SPEAK UP!

georgetheatheist said...

Any anthropologists out there? Does Mayor Bloomberg have a prognathous facial cranium? Just curious.

BTW I'm forgetting Al Goldstein's Blog. Sticking with S.B.Troy.

Missing Foundation said...

Despite the grey reality of self-interested rule by authoritarian bureaucrats, the clubhouse regime proves remarkalby durable, partly thanks to the use of privileges for the docile and intimidation of the independent-minded.

Another source of strength was tight control of language and information that deemed most cirticism umpartiortic.

Cracks came as information spread, especially about the system's bogus history and economic failing.

(taken from a book review "The Rise and Fall of Communism" by 'The Ecomonist.'

Only changed a single word: 'clubhouse' for 'communist'.)

georgetheatheist said...

The "mysterious" Liz.
A parked car.
A man with his pants down.
A police report.

My, my. This site IS indeed soooo educational.

Anonymous said...

As much as The Queens Chronicle is a useless waste of trees and paper, The Gazette is 100 times worse. It has become Vallone Central, with constant ads by Pistilli and all of the restaurants they eat at and plot how much more of Queens to destroy.

Oh, can't forget Eric Gioia, who recently made nice with Bloomberg in order to have more million dollar condos put on the LIC waterfront under the guise of 'middle income housing'. One must earn between $75,000 to $155,000 in order to grab one of these new babies that will built on the Water Taxi Beach.

Do YOU know anyone in Queens that makes $155,000?

Is there anyone left in Manhattan that makes $155,000 that will move to a yet another toxic Queens landfill?

The Chronicle JUST endorsed Gioia for Public Advocate.

What a joke.

My vote's going to Norman Siegel for Public Advocate!

Anonymous said...

Queens Chronicle: We are lemmings who have been brainwashed by the bloomberg liar. How pathetic that paper is.
Is there any other candidates that will get out there more in the media hopefully? Thompson, or Avella?

Queens Crapper said...

To be clear, the "Liz" I mentioned is NOT the Liz from the Chronicle. It's the person whose supporters are posting under "Patrick Henry sayz" who has copied and pasted the same bullshit passage onto multiple posts for the past 2 weeks. You can thank this idiot for the comment moderation.

Peter C. Mastrosimone said...

I'm the editor in chief of the Queens Chronicle. I was on vacation when these posts were published and didn't have a chance to see them til today.

Nastiness and uncouth language are to be expected in the anonymous world of blogging, where there are no bylines and no one's held accountable for what they say. We in the newspaper business operate on a different level of transparency.

But I must say you've really got us wrong. Yes, we support the mayor, as we believe his policies and record are better than those of his opponents. That doesn't mean I agree or anyone else agrees with him on everything, but his overall record is clearly positive.

You'll notice that the city hasn't been thrust into a fiscal crisis as it was in the '70s despite the economic conditions.

Crime does continue to fall. We're on track for fewer than 500 murders this year, compared to more than 2000 before Giuliani took office. That's 1,500 New Yorkers per year who are alive because of the current and former mayors' crime control policies. One can manipulate some statistics, yes, but do you think the city is hiding hundreds of bodies somewhere and no one has noticed? How could you possibly claim that crime is not down?

On the schools, if you think the old Board of Education produced better learning conditions than the mayoral control system has, I hardly know where to begin. And narrowing the achievement gap between white and minority students, as he's clearly done, is a positive thing for everyone. If you don't think so, perhaps New York isn't the city for you.

As for those of you who chose to personally insult our managing editor, Liz Rhoades, you're wrong about her too. She's been reporting news with care and without bias for more than 15 years here. Our readers can learn plenty of important news every week just from her stories. The piece on the mayoral interview was a verbatim Q&A that had to fit in half an hour. What are you criticizing the woman who transcribed the interview for?

Those of you who have no use for newspapers can post anonymous rants to your heart's content. Those who want to step up to a higher level of public discourse can send us letters to the editor via or Queens Chronicle, 62-33 Woodhaven Blvd., Rego Park NY 11374. My work email is and my phone number is 718.205.8000, ext. 127.

And by the way, whoever said we endorsed Gioia is incorrect. The only endorsements we've made this year are the one for the mayor and one for Eric Ulrich back in the February special election.

Lastly, everything in this post is purely what I have to say. No one else here is aware I'm posting this, including the publisher. So if you don't like it, well, you have my name, address, phone number and email. See ya.

Peter C. Mastrosimone

Anonymous said...

he doesnt even mention the words TERM LIMITS in that whole diatribe.
funny thing, the staff hates peter M
he lives in LI and was late to work his first 3 days cuase he was lost finding the office

Queens Crapper said...

"do you think the city is hiding hundreds of bodies somewhere and no one has noticed?"

The bodies are not classified as homicides. Ask any cop.

"How could you possibly claim that crime is not down?"

Because I live here and have noticed more of it, not less. And the cops discourage reporting it. Why not expose this instead of swallowing B.S. stats hook, line and sinker?

Tell me, how do your reporters cover the news when they don't show up to any meetings or events?

I notice 3 other papers have a story this week about a proposal for St. John's Queens Hospital that was made to CB4. Considering you're right down the street, why doesn't the Chronicle also have a story?

And why not ask the Mayor about term limits? The paper is perfectly ok with the disregard for the public will?

Why allow him to get away with B.S. answers like eminent domain won't be necessary because "the people of Willets Point will move" when it has been reported that eminent domain letters will be sent out soon?

Your readers point out what it wrong with your paper and instead of instituting corrections, you get defensive.

And please don't tell us that the real reason for the endorsement isn't the full-page ads. Money talks, bullshit walks. Which is why the vast majority of what's printed in Queens weeklies tends to be a joke.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

How long was that vacation? Bloomberg pushed a tsunami of community crushing development that resembled the economic meltdown fueled by greed and stupidity with far too little regulation and policing. The NYPD is down to it's smallest number ever policing largest polualtion ever. Despite stats and reports, use your eyes! The city is in shambles. Crime is rising. Bloomberg's business acumen did zero to prevent all this. How many mom and pop stores have been closed? How many mass evictions? How many times has eminent domain been abused under king Mike who supports developer's crushing greed over the people of this city?

I want Tony Avella. He can't solve all the problems but at least he understands them from the peoples perspective. The new Yankee Stadium says it all. We did not want it and most New Yorkers can't afford. No more aidind and abetting crushing greed, vote Bloomberg and all third termers out!

Suzannah B. Troy
typed on iPhone!

Bloomberg didn't break the law, just changed the law with help of some corrupt city council members who wanted to stay on so they could continue stealing from tax payers.

Peter C. Mastrosimone said...

OK, there's real work I have to get to, but a couple points real quick:

• If you want to know the Chronicle's position on term limits, see our editorials of Oct. 9 and 23, 2008, at

• If you know of an error in the paper that hasn't been corrected, notify me at

• If you know how the police could find a bullet-riddled body and not call it a homicide, and not have an outraged family calling the press, tell me, at the same address. If you believe one person's observations of crime are more credible than NYPD and FBI statistics that are reflected in many cities across the country (those that followed New York's lead on policy), that's your right.

• I'm usually the first person in the office and often the last to leave; and I've never been lost in my life. That was funny.

• You're always welcome to come down and ask for me at the front desk if you want to chat. Til then, enjoy your blogging.

Queens Crapper said...

The Chronicle was for the voters deciding term limits. Which is why it is even more of a glaring error that you intentionally failed to ask the mayor about it. You expect to be taken seriously as a news source?

"If you know how the police could find a bullet-riddled body and not call it a homicide, and not have an outraged family calling the press, tell me, at the same address."

It's classified as a suicide instead or undetermined. Not all homicides are from gunshots. Once again, you're in the questioning business, ask any cop.

How DO your reporters cover rallies, protests, community meetings, etc, without ever being there?

They're SO talented!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Suggestion to editor back from what must have been a long vacation, get out of the office and out in to the streets, like today when it's raining so you can see the streets flood as if it's Venice Italy. Mike Bloomberg did not put safety first! He did not put infrastructure concerns first. He did not put the people of this great city first but he did put greed -- the very same type that brought down Wall St. first and that was developers crushing out communities first!!!! My point is Mike Bloomberg pushing a reckless, dangerous tsunami of community crushing development. How many people died -- construction workers, Con Ed workers. civilians from construction, infrastructure disasters, etc. Maybe you work such long hours you never pass all the empty store fronts and you haven't noticed the evictions of long term residents, city wide including mass evictions like 47 East 3rd Street in the East Village.

Mike has never shown up for one eviction rally because he supports evictions to make room for NYU, Columbia U. and any greedy landlord or developer with an agenda to crush our communities.

You haven't noticed how many people have been murdered or injured in gun shootings? You haven't seen broken glass from car windows? Petty theft is not up?

I have great respect for any NYPD officer that is honorable and passionate about their work. I don't believe the stats are accurate. Ask New Yorkers and most will agree.

The fact so many city council members that voted for extending term limits have now been exposed directly or have in my opinion gotten their aides to take the fall is proof that term limits vote by city council is tainted and most be tossed out.

Time to get out from behind the desk and out on to the streets.

I also don't understand how Mike Bloomberg could close our firehouses after Sept. 11?

Thanks Queens Crap,
Suzannah B. Troy
ps for anyone trying to date me with covert invites, not referring to the editor -- I don't date married men or guys with girlfriends or guys with both a wife and girlfriend.

Alan Gross said...


With all due respect, the fact that you even responded to the Queens Crap bloggers (more than once) indicates to me that you do take us seriously, even if many posts are anonymous. So we're getting to you, are we?

I used to take the local papers a lot more seriously but now I feel that they are all sellouts, especially the 3 that I read the most: the Tribune, the Chronicle, and the Courier. The fluff pieces and the lack of true investigative journalism speaks highly toward the support of tweeded and corrupt elected officials who spend money advertising in these poor excuses for local newspapers.

The Crapster is 100% on the money, so to speak, when pointing out the deficiencies of your editorial standards. As a matter of fact, I used to approach your Liz Rhoades with important and relevant stories regarding my neighborhood in north Queens and she did not pursue them. The stories were apparently a little too complex for your staff to handle. I am incensed that a potential Queens cancer cluster has been ignored by elected officials (with the exception of Councilman Avella) but one professionally investigated treatment of my material by your paper could make a difference. Unfortunately, I no longer trust your reporters to do the right job.

Believe me, this site can get vicious and you must have a thick skin to come here and whine about the alleged complaints against your paper. Let's face it, some of the commenters got it right, even if they were a little harsh. The paper's endorsement of Bloomberg is just an example of how out of touch you folks are with the concerns and issues involving Queens residents. Thank you. I certainly am enjoying the blogging! It's better than the crap that you publish! I should know. I graduated from a prestigious journalism school...when the goal of journalism was to be as objective as possible.

Alan Gross (not afraid to print my real name)!

Alan Gross said...


By the way, I just wanted to give the folks an example of the poor excuse for reporting in the Queens Chronicle. You published an article in the July 16th edition entitled, "There's No Denying Global Warming." The article, written by Ashly Luckose, is just another example of how the Chronicle accepts facts without researching them!

I have been looking into weather modification programs for almost three years. The "science" of Al Gore is being disputed yet the media is not reporting the facts that are being presented by scientists from the global community. I just re-watched the DVD "Global Warming, Global Governance" because of Obama's attempt to ramrod legislation based upon false information.

It seems like an entire industry is being set up around cap and trade credits to save the world from global warming due to excess carbon dioxide build up in the atmosphere. What???? Carbon dioxide is necessary for our planet's vegetation, especially food crops. Why is this relevant fact being swept aside by our government's leaders? Follow the money trail. The media, including the Queens Chronicle, has sold out and are not reporting the real news any more. I find this to be a very sad state of affairs. Therefore, before you go and defend yourself and the paper that you represent, you should take a step back and do a little research and see that there are more to the stories that you print than you would have us believe. As far as I am concerned, you represent the make believe.

Alan Gross

Alan Gross said...


For your perusal:

Steve G. said...


Your paper exemplifies why many feel that print media is doomed - it's not because of blogs and internet news, its because newspapers have stopped doing their job. They've stopped pushing, stopped investigating, and stopped asking the tough questions.

If a respectable journalist were to endorse Bloomberg, I imagine they'd have tried to explain or defend his weak points. The Chronicle doesn't even try. Disgraces like term limits are ignored here as if they never happened, and I noticed you continue to completely ignore this subject in your comments. Very poor work. Defending the Willet's Point plan and lauding PlaNYC are further evidence that you've been listening to Bloomie's spin, and ignoring the other side of the story. The truth is only an inch below the surface if you bothered to look.

But sadly, I've come to expect a lack of integrity in newspapers - including the Times and Daily News.
But where your editorial sunk to a new low, was in dismissing Tony Avella as 'an also-ran' without uttering one mention of the outstanding work he's done, his huge popularity in his district, his stands based on principle (pay raise, term limits) and the fact that wiped the floor with both Bloomberg and Thompson at the WFP debate. Tony is the only one of the three that has put quality of life above special interests and money consistently - from day one of his time in office. None of that is worth a mention, but, I see a few nice words about Thompson have been slipped in, just incase he mounts a serious challange, I guess.

It's painfully obvious how your editorial simply follows the polls and the money that's buying them.
It's one thing to sell out, but to be as obvious as this is a gross insult to the intelligence of your readers.

And the only reason Tony Avella 'lacks citywide support' is because papers like the Chronicle follow the money and look the other way.

Congratulation in setting a new low in Queens "journalism".

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone else notice that the editorial praising Bloomturd surrounded a paid advertisement by his campaign? Blatant hypocrisy. Actually, I doubt if Peter will return to comment again but I am sure he is paTROLLing the site. However, I just wanted to post the conclusion of the Chronicle's October 23, 2008 editorial:

"Instead of stacking public hearings on term limits with testimony from coerced charity officials and councilmembers, Mayor Bloomberg needs to accept the hardening of public opinion against his bill, with 89 percent of New Yorkers — in a Quinnipiac poll released this week — believing the issue should be decided by referendum.
And perhaps the mayor needs to invest in a time machine to commiserate with his former self on the issue of extending term limits. Not that he would need to go back far, since it was only in 2002 that he said: “I would oppose any change in the law that a legislative body tries to make.”
Maybe the Mayor Bloomberg of yesterday can lobby the Mayor Bloomberg of today to end the City Council charade and let the voters speak on the issue of term limits."

'Nuff said!!!!!! Peter, please don't go away angry...just go away because you and your paper have lost the path to truth and journalistic integrity.

Anonymous said...

Another issue that's been completely swpt under the rug is the real reason behind the term limits disgrace - Bloomberg's aborted presidential campaign.

There are glaring and obvious signs that he illegally used paid city staff, including Deputy Mayors, to work on the campaign. Yes, folks, we paid for it. Where is the federal investigation of this? Why have the papers been almost completely silet?

Money doesn't always talk. Sometimes it buys badly needed silence.

Poetry In Emotion said...

Peter Mastrosimone had a beef
He's the Chronicle's editor-in-chief
He complained about comments on the Crapper's blog
But his replies demonstrated that he exists in a fog
Why did he defend his paper's hypocrisy?
Because he supports a corrupt bureaucracy!
The media are conspiratorial nitwits
Supporting the extension of term limits
The best thing for NYC is Bloomtard's defeat
Why should we be governed by a "certain" elite?

Peter C. Mastrosimone said...

No, no more posting for me. But email is Cute poem!

Queens Crapper said...

Peter is not the first media type with a thin skin.

Anonymous said...

Found a new use for the Chronicle. As a kitty box liner, my cats really enjoy poopin' on Bloomturd, Stashitsky, Carrozzive, et al!

Anonymous said...

Liz R. Is full of shit. Prints what she does not check. Can't follow a real lead to save her life.