Sunday, July 12, 2009

Illegal conversion & fire lead to two deaths

From 1010WINS:

A tragedy in Brooklyn as a house fire left at least two men dead Sunday morning. One of the men was said to be in his 30's and the other was reported to be in his 50's, officials said.

The fire started just after 5:00 a.m. at 3916 Avenue 'K' in the East Flatbush section, fire officials said.

There's no word as to what may have caused the fatal blaze, but neighbors tell 1010 WINS that people had illegally tapped into the Con Edison power supply and Con Ed did respond Sunday morning to cut the wire to the building.

Listen to the audio report which explains the way the house was carved up into an SRO illegally.


Missing Foundation said...

Another building that might violate codes and decency, but seems to be a good member of the Bloomberg doctrine:

absentee landlord and doing its share to accomodate the mayor's million.

Remember where these poor fellows came from, these sustandard conditions would be a step up (something we cannot talk about as we would be 'racist' if we did - as if letting something like this uncommented on is not?)

Anonymous said...

"How the Other Half Lives," coming now to a building near you. Let's turn back a hundred and fifty years of progress. How about the good old days of cholera, typhoid, and whopping fever?

Tuberculosis has already returned, although it was unknown in America when I was a child during the 1960's. What will it take to rouse the sleeping consciences of our wealthy? Massive plagues that kill a few of them?

Anonymous said...

Nobody especially the city cares that houses are being carved up and rooms rented to indivusals in an illegal SRO. The city should be cited for allowing this to occur and responsible along with the building owner for paying damages to the individuals if they are legal resident aliens.

panzer65 said...

Illegals have to sleep somewhere!

Anonymous said...

They have to die somewhere too. By the way, don't kid yourself that it is only the illegals who are slaughtered this way.

A childhood schoolmate's brother was cooked like a goose when he drank beer and fell unconscious in the broiling heat of an illegal attic apartment in the summer.

When my own sister got her first apartment, it was an adorable looking, totally illegal set-up with only one way out in case of fire.

Conveniently located below ground with god knows how much radon and methane gas seeping in, my father, a London Blitz veteran, said novenas until she left.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the ignorance of someone who would actually write "illegals have to sleep somewhere" How many people have to die before people like you get it?

Queens Crapper said...

"illegals have to sleep somewhere" - stated by Mayor Bloomberg at a meeting with civic leaders in 2005.

I shit you not. Actually, he said, "If we crack down on illegal apartments where will all the people living in them go?"

Brad teh Builder said...