Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flushing Meadows potholes get attention

From the Queens Tribune:

The City Parks Department said acknowledged it has received complaints about the shoddy condition of roads in Flushing Meadow Park, plans for repairs are underway.

Park spokeswoman Trish Bertuccio said repairs to strips of roads near West Lake were completed on June 30 and on Shea Road near Citi Field were also completed. She said the roads around the lake will also be completed within a few weeks.

"We've done major repairs already," she said. "The goal is to take care as many of the potholes by the end of the summer."

For residents like Vincent Do, the repairs are long overdue.

Do posted pictures of the potholes surrounding the park on his Web site where he cites the holes as a source of problems for motorists and bicyclists in the area.

The pictures show the potholes full of water, and are a safety threat to residents, Do said.

"These are horrible holes, and can do major damage to cars," he said. "Hundreds if not thousands of cars use this road every day."

Do wrote on a community blog that he has even considered filling the potholes himself, but is unable to do so without the proper equipment.

FYI: "Community blog" = Queens Crap.


A Big Fan said...

FYI: "Community blog" = Queens Crap.

That's what I'm talkin' about. Congratulations! Trolls and corrupt politicos beware! The Crapster WILL get you.

Miss Heather said...

It amuses me to no end that these publications--- ostensibly run by "journalism professionals"--- have no trepidations about trolling blogs for leads or plagiarizing them outright. This betrays a sense of arrogance and entitlement that really pisses me off. The fact many of these "professionals" cannot write in the first place only angers me more.

The least they can do is cite and/or link where the lead/information came; it IS our free labor they're profiting from.

Alan said...

How sad but true. The level of journalistic ethics has so deteriorated over the last decade that it is hard to take any news source seriously. Every once in a while I check out alternate sources for news and information. For example, here is a report by WBAI's program LAW AND DISORDER about the NY Times manipulation of a news story:

Is it any wonder that these blog sites are paTROLLed by reporters looking to take someone else's information and use it as their own? Welcome to a new version of democracy. What is it called? Oh yeah, facism!!!

georgetheatheist said...

The Tribune can't credit "Queens Crap" because of the scatology in the monniker. Shenkler, the publisher, must maintain decency standards. It is afterall a family-oriented paper - complete with gangster family whore ads.

Vincent Do said...

To be fair, though, I did write to the Tribune as well as Queens Crap. Someone from the Tribune tried to contact me but I didn't get a chance to reply.

I got an email saying that they've fixed the potholes and the flooding problem, I'll go check it out in person later.

Vincent Do said...

Yes I went to go check it out and they have indeed fixed the holes. I posted pictures on my page -