Monday, July 13, 2009

Elmhurst residents rally against homeless shelter

Linda Lam kicks off the rally against the Elmhurst homeless shelter.

Roe Daraio, president of COMET, speaks.

Jeff Gottlieb, representing State Senator Joe Addabbo, says the senator is with the residents.

Claude Pierre, a neighbor, speaks, tells Bloomberg and Katz, "Shame on you!"

Councilwoman Helen Sears' spokesperson, George Onuorah, addresses the crowd.

Vicky Morales representing Councilwoman Melinda Katz gets booed!

Democratic District Leader James Lisa says he will pressure elected officials on this issue.

Former Assemblyman Michael Cohen explains who the Queens Alliance is and why they shouldn't be opening a shelter anywhere.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley encourages the crowd to keep up the good work.

The sizable crowd marched around the block chanting and carrying signs. They signed up new voters, circulated petitions and made arrangements for future events. And unlike the rest of Queens, these folks know exactly who to blame. Why the hatred toward Katz? From the Forum West:

This portion of Elmhurst is in the City Council district of Melinda Katz (D-Forest Hills), who was not at Monday’s meeting. A resident said she called Katz’s district office but was told by an aide that the effort is a lost cause since the project is allowed under the zoning. Instead, the aide suggested that the resident consider hiring an attorney, a solution she said was not acceptable.

FYI: Katz IS an attorney.

Katz is also one of the political bastards who did nothing while her constituents' hospital closed. Now they get a homeless shelter? That seems like a fair tradeoff. The residents promised to return the favor by not voting for either Bloomberg or Katz later this year.

Photos and videos by Christina Wilkinson


-Joe said...

Oh I can here it from Southold:
All the names:
Redneck, Anti-meztizo, Intolerant, white cracker hatin racists etc.

We had one of these protests in Northville. Newsday, Dans Paper and Cablevisions News 12 and Riverheads Democratic candidates were out in full force. As usual they sided with the church and the "poor unemployed undocumented people"
---What_ B.S.

Anonymous said...

To the person who called Katz's office. You are not the first one to receive that exact answer to other Community problems.

Guess someone is investigating themselves.

Queens Crapper said...

In this case, Joe, the white people appear to be the pols and their reps. The residents protesting are mainly Asian, Black and Hispanic.

Anonymous said...

Take a good look at where the ruling classes expect you to live after they steal your 401K money, "accidentally" drop an adjacent building on your property or skirt existing zoning codes so that your tenants are cast into shadow and leave (and the necessary rental income with it).

Behold where your are to live with your credit ruined, your house foreclosed on, your job sent to China or reduced to per diem or part time status.

Take a hint. Act up now!

Anonymous said...

Katz is not involved in Elmhurst if ever. Turn her away at the Polls folks!

Anonymous said...

-Joe, your reading comprehension is off the charts! Unfortunately, at the low end of the scale.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what the tweeded can get away with protesting, and not get labeled as xenophobes, Archie Bunkers, racists etc.

Anonymous said...

is this a done deal??

Anonymous said...

I see Katz people got some static.

Good point by Cohen, how do these people get a contract without even having a work address or any prior service?

Anonymous said...

-Joe, your reading comprehension
Cant see S*** or change fonts on this Blackjack.

Bill Gates and Samsung are with the is a tweeds.
I had it, Time for a big screen Iphone !
Window mobile 6 --poof

Anonymous said...

Hey QC, just for your information there were lots caucasian people standing with and along side their neighbors because they care. In case you aren't aware, Elmhurst is the most diversified and ethnic based community in the 50 United States. Unless we stand together and fight for our rights what good will it do us. If our forefathers gave up and quit...we'd be a British colony under Queen Elizabeth's rule. The problem with this place is the location. It's smack in the middle of a residental street. There is a church w/school, a nursery school and public school all within 3 blocks of this site. Elmhurst is being dumped on by the Mayor. As residents and homeowners, who pay high taxes, we have the right to shout NO way, Not here, NOt on a residentail street!! Look somewhere else where people and children won't become potential targets.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great coverage, Christina, it's most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Re: Katz:

In a way kinda funny. Stock answers used over and over.

1. Didn't get notice until last minute.

2. Had prior commitments.

3. We are looking into it.

And of course you never get a call back.

Yes, Cohen did make a good point.

Anonymous said...

"In case you aren't aware, Elmhurst is the most diversified and ethnic based community in the 50 United States."

And that's why the city thought it would be perfectly ok to add to that diversity by throwing a homeless shelter there. They thought the residents there would be passive and just accept it because they are by-and-large, immigrants. That's Bloomberg's brand of racism.

Anonymous said...

Katz does not care about her district. She is not proactive. Only when her constituents bring an issue to light does she face it-- but by then it's too late to do anything about it She has been MIA for the last 2 years. She can't wait to get out of Forest Hills.
Her prospect as Comptroller continues to fade. She sat in her spot for 8 years only for her own self interest...nothing more.
Hey where did the `Bukarian Cultural Center' near Austin get $1million dollars to expand??
Why does FH have a library that is bursting at the seams?
Figure it out yet suckers? Remember what to do on election day!