Monday, July 13, 2009

The "Green" Mayor has spent $36M on campaign

From the NY Post:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's record-shattering campaign has spent another $18 million, for a total of more than $36 million this year.

The campaign released the billionaire's latest spending report Friday, ahead of a campaign finance filing deadline next week.

The report shows he spent $18 million from May 12 to July 11. Bloomberg is seeking a third term this fall.


Taxpayer said...

The NY Post failed (as usual) to report the multi-millions of our tax dollars the Commissar has spent on his already extremely wealthy developer cronies and other real estate interests to bury NYers under an avalanche of puff-piece reports of how great the Commissar is.

So, let's bury the Commissar under an avalanche of votes for Tony Avella so we can start fixing the horrors the Commissar has inflicted on this city.

Vote for Avella!

Anonymous said...

Well that's certainly a lot of "green"...isn't it?

The only verde Der Fuhrer is interested in is sawbucks!

Your good friend CHRIS said...

At least i recycle my bloomberg propoganda

Anonymous said...

Is that Pee Wee Herman's father?