Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cops seek Fresh Meadows rape suspect

From 1010WINS:

The NYPD was seeking the public's help in catching a Queens rape suspect.

The man approached a 20-year-old woman from behind Friday, forcibly took her to an isolated area and sexually assaulted her, police said.

It happened near 185th Street and the Long Island Expressway in Fresh Meadows.

The suspect then ran from the scene after also taking some of her belongings, police said.

(Photos of suspect with and without hat provided by the NYPD)

The suspect was wearing a multi-colored shirt with a matching hat and dark colored jeans.


Anonymous said...

The suspect was wearing a multi-colored shirt with a matching hat and dark colored jeans.

Of *course* it was a matching hat. What better way to spend the money you steal than to buy matching hats/pants/shoes/shirts.

In fact, it isnt even important that you support the team on your hat, so long as the color is right.

Captain Renault said...

No use in the NYPD mentioning the race of the perp.....

Round up the usual suspects!!!

Anonymous said...

This fool picked wrong neighboorhood!! As a middle class chinese guy were scared and pissed off! (Like we loved blks before). My 90 year old grandpa thinking about starting a vigilante group!!

Anonymous said...

More power to the pissed-off Chinese man. I hope you catch him and beat him like a drum.

Taxpayer said...

When I first saw the "suspect" wearin' the green, I thought it was Pee Gallagher in disguise.

What is that rapist's latest activities?

Is he running for office? Is he a consultant for the Republicans or any Republican candidates?

Is he getting tax dollars to continue his raping, gambling and boozing? Or, is he just pillaging?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would like to see him compete in the mob-outrunning race event--with two broken legs first.