Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Williamsburg gets a new park

From Gothamist:

[Bushwick Inlet] park is being built where Williamsburg meets Greenpoint at North 9th Street, right next to the East River Park and only a block away from the fire this weekend at Rosenwach Wood Tank Company. It's the first of three promised parks for the area during the mayor's 2005 campaign, this one coming on top of land formerly used for a rental car storage lot and not long ago considered for a power plant.

The city says that the first phase of the park "will include the construction of a synthetic turf multipurpose field for soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, and ultimate frisbee."

Bloomberg said, "It will be latest but not the last new park we're bringing to this part of Brooklyn and the latest but not the last waterfront park we're bringing to New York City."

What if you:

a) don't live in Brooklyn?
b) don't live on the waterfront?
c) don't make a deal to allow developers to build 40-story towers in your neighborhood in return for parkland?

You get shit. (It's also nice that Brooklyn escaped their proposed power plant but Astoria didn't.)

Note that even if you are lucky enough to get a park, it must come with toxic fake turf.

You gotta love being a New Yorker.


Anonymous said...

I am finding it increasingly interesting how money is being spent for the waterfront while the interior blocks are being systamatically starved.

For example, take a look at the Long Island City Cultural Alliance. Cartons and cartons of their brochures are sitting wasted never given out - printing costs squandered.

A few select groups that cater to the towerpeople lavished with torrents of money ($45k to the Chocolate Factory for LIGHTING?!?!)

But God forbid any of the cultural or business groups in western Brooklyn or Queens are given enough money.

The only reason they go to the community boards in western Brooklyn or Queens is to rubberstamp more development.

The people are so feakin stupid and naive. They should demand tens of thousands of annual donations from the beeps and developers to the communities in exhange.

Missing Foundation said...

That sucks. Crappy, look into this and rub the faces of those communities into it until they wake up.

The previous poster forgot to mention the bike lanes and tree plantings for tower poeple vs inadequate sewage, power grid, schools and hospitals and sanitation for Archie and Edith.

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of them shoveling the bullshit?

Anony2 said...

On the bright side, in 20 years when the towers are crumbling due to their cheap materials and crappy labor, our homes will still be standing.

Of course, we may have been forced to move out of NYC by then...

Anony2 said...

Elmhurst gets a homeless shelter.
Astoria gets a power plant.
Willets Point gets flat out stolen.

But Williamsburg gets a park...

Anonymous said...

Yassky sell out next to Bloomberg who he sold out to,
pathetic, pathetic $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

linda said...

Maspeth gets a contaminated H.S site, Garbage coming thru our town to Waste Management and out neighbors of Elmhurst gets the the homeless shelter. Bloomberg better do the right thing for us over here and give Saint Saviours site a park.......

we all know his staff reads into this, so give us a park and clean up the contaminated site!!!!

and they really should reconsider the elmhurst site for the shelter and find a site in a more commerical area, not a residental block.

Anonymous said...

While they're at it, they can restore funding for the parks that they already own, some of which are being kept alive only by private money.

Also, plant some of the million trees and real grass on those fields. Thousand degree New York heat on those plastic fields is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Thousand degree New York heat on those plastic fields is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Our mayor purposely is keeping the temperature down this year because of that! After all, it is a (stolen) election year.