Thursday, June 4, 2009

Work dries up for day laborers

From NY1:

When the housing market was booming, many day laborers found steady work with contractors who would pick them up. These days the jobs are few and far between.

As a result, there are hundreds of laborers, most of them undocumented, waiting where there used to be dozens. In some places, they line the streets for several blocks. While many have been day laborers for years, some are new. One man NY1 spoke with says he was laid off last month after 10 years at a construction company.

With very little cash, many are struggling to take care of themselves. Advocacy groups say a great number of them are becoming homeless.

Mohan Masjey has been communicating with his family in Nepal and has been thinking about leaving the U.S.

"If I cannot get a job, I go back," said Masjey.

Some say if things don't turn around soon, that's something they will have to consider as well.

How many times are we going to hear this angle?


Anonymous said...

Get ready for a massive crime wave as this winter sets in.
Likley the biggest in the city's history. Many of these guys are likley to turn to drugs.
This is going to be a very bad situation

Anonymous said...

I would think not.Who has money for drugs? I think you will see a massive amont of shoplifting then oh to car break-ins,followed by burglaries and then progressing to street robberies.Oh don't forget the alcohol fueled rapes and random assaults and knife related Homicides! .Welcome back to the late 80's-early nineties.

georgetheatheist said...

("Be Prepared". I used to be a Boy Scout)

Joe said...

80's-early nineties ?
---One could wish thats all
More like Somalia Guatemala today.

Now add near a 99% impunity rate dictated by the crazy mayors sanctary city policy.

Anonymous said...

I'll pay for at least one ticket back home for an illegal.

That is provided we never see his sorry ass on US soil again!

Quasimodo said...


"Thank you NYC"!

Anonymous said...

Don't need the NRA "George".

A "lucky piece" picked up from a ex-cop protects me and mine!

(Ha, ha, ha)!

Anonymous said...

As bad as things are here, its still better than a mud floor hut with 5 mouths to feed and no prospect for work.

Our economy gets a cold, the third world gets pneumonia.

I would not be surprised if they bring the family here for the FREE schooling, FREE health care, FREE food given by churches, etc etc

Lino said...

Ahh the usual cast of characters here.

I am -alot- closer to this situation than anyone commenting here(so-far)both from business and personal friendships.

At this point no one in any of the restaurants I deal with has been laid-off, what has happened is that incomes are dropping due to less business for deliveries and tips. Also, several friends have relatives that have worked in construction trades and are now relocating to other states if they have family there.

Two had gone back to Mexico for Christmas, one got married and both have decided to stay, for now, and ride the recession out down there where living is cheaper (if you don't get robbed).

The majority that workers in my locations have valid papers and some are citizens, obvious they will stay, but as I have said before, people go where the work/cost-cost-of-living equation works for them.

No work..they move-on.

The suggestion that we will have "the biggest crime wave in the City's history" -is stupid b.s.

Wade Nichols said...

NY Times headline: "U.S. Economy in Worst Recession Since 1930's. Unemployment Rate to Exceed 10%: Day Laborers Hit Especially Hard"

"If I cannot get a job, I go back," said Masjey.

Please, stop threatening us like that, just leave already! It sounds like those ignoramus Hollywood stars who threatened to move to Canada if Bush became president. Bush won, but unfortunately, the Hollywood types stayed put.

Anonymous said...

No ber rabbit, don't throw me in the briar patch!

linda said...

all i can say is don't let the door hit ya on the way out. i think it's about time they went home. most aren't here legally and the ones that do get visas don't always renew and then we can't locate their asses. we need to focus more on the american's standing on the unemployment line who need work.

Snake Plissskin said...

"No work..they move-on."

Yea, back to Mexico where the schools and hospitals and uniform services are better than Queens and "Honest Joe" Crowley is not maintaining a fine tradition from his ilk that goes back before the Civil War.

Lino, you really got to get out more.

And for Christsake, stop relying on the Queens weeklies for your news.

Anonymous said...

Don't need the NRA "George".

A "lucky piece" picked up from a ex-cop protects me and mine!

(Ha, ha, ha)!


Oh I got this hot fantasy of you lying in bed with a soldier helmet on and your "lucky piece" at the ready, eyes-wide-open, Frank Burns-like.

-Joe said...

If you took all the restaurant's in NYC, Long Island and the Hamptons you would find 1/2 the owners belong in Jail and should have their licences revoked.
It would make you sick

1/2 half there workers have no papers, no inoculation’s + carry or have some active 3rd world disease.

I blows my mind to find these people working around stacks dishes and preparing uncooked things like salads, mushrooms, melons etc..
A character out by my studio-farm in Mattituck (Taste of Venice) only hires illegals.
The guy was bragging on Cablevisions New's 12
His Quote: "These wonderful people don’t ask to take off on Christmas or July 4th" "they do anything I say"
"I won’t hire local kids"

The corrupt special interest media companies are always out to make all involved look like saints and poor guest victims.

The new crew saw me washing my own boat and asked if I would hire "immigrants" to do it.
I told them "no thanks, I have GPS and computer stuff here---like my property maintenance I do it all myself.
Its good exercise, top quality and secure. Too many people in this country have turned into lazy couch potatatos with big screen TV's.
Nobody should be aiding and obetting illegal activiety. You people should be ashamed of yourselves working propaganda under gunpoint for Cablevision/Newsday"
I heard what happend to Lauren Sivan when she went to a FOX network party.
Dolan shit canned her contract renewal the next day ? Why would I expect to do a piece on anything without bias or special interest behind it.

Sure enough come 5PM they had thrown that PLUS my comments and opinion of the illegal activity on the cutting room floor.

It was still cut, All OF IT.
News 12 only aired the pro tweed opinions.
Then then ran some annoying IO Digital cable commercial this garbage Spanglish rap music.

Just recently one of these tweeded midgets walked into Gas and Go mart with a bat to rob.

When the owner placed a shotgun in his face the tweed got on his hands and knees and started crying (in English)
"Please no I need to feed my 8 kids"
The Paki owner then reaches into the cash register and hands the robber $40 and lets him go.
Great example for them to go home ehh?

The crime wave has already started and it’s only June

Anonymous said...

NY1 should save the sympathy for the American workers who are losing their jobs.

Lino...Bloombag's neighbor said...

Snake Plissskin said..."No work..they move-on."
Lino, you really got to get out more.

"And for Christsake, stop relying on the Queens weeklies for your news."

I live in Manhattan dearie, I don't rely on the Queens news papers. 'Do read them when out there though.

...I can guess what the nick "Snake" comes from....Donkey would be more apt.

Anonymous said...

We are going to have a massive crime wave period. And it won't just be illegals, either. When I was a teller years ago, I would get several fraud attempts around Christmas.

Surely if the people were always crooked, I would have seen them doing this all year round. Financial pressure sends many off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the laid-off bankers from Wall Street will be alongside the illegals robbing us all....

I heard the Port Washington train is pretty empty coming into Queens.

Anonymous said...

Yeah "Lino"...check out the crime wave stats during the Great Depression!

They were up faster than the Standard & Poors index!

This may not be the 20s thru 30s but CRIME WILL BE GOING UP!

Anonymous said...

Those bankers have already robbed us blind....grand larceny!

They might be turning to petty crimes though "Italian girl" if nothing better comes up for them.

Anonymous said...

Good...if there's no more work for them in NYC...let them move on quickly and very far away.

Tired of seeing and hearing them drunk and cat calling every female that walks past them!

Snake Plissskin said...

Bob Hauk: There was an accident. About an hour ago, a small jet went down inside New York City. The President was on board.

Snake Plissken: The president of what?

Rock Steady said...

Snake is de man. He don't give a sh*t.

He's a tuff guy.

-Joe said...

I heard the Port Washington train is pretty empty coming into Queens
LOL It sure is !
Its great !
All the crooks are loosing their crap McMansions and rented BMW's.

A quick look at craigslist Manhasset tells it all !!
Cars, Designer clothing, jewelry, furiture 20 - 50cents on the dollar
Cut and paste the folloing line to a browser.

Hell at this point I may as well move back !
The inspectors are in jail, the Buk-Rah bag $$ is and slave diamonds are now useless.
Now all the wall street thiefs and their prissy crap wives are moving back to mom and dad in Queens.

I think im gonna throw a underdog party for all my friends and myself !!

Anonymous said...

Hey, but Joe, the downside of all that is that property values in Manhasset, especially Plandome, are going to plummet. Even worse than in Queens. Where are they gong to find buyers for 2 and 3 million dollar houses? Doctors probably don't even have the dough. Isn't that ridiculous?

I heard lots of the husbands have been seen pushing strollers in that area. Must suck having to get rid of the nanny, cleaning lady and landscapers. Not to mention their wives bitching and moaning about how life now sucks. And I guess it does suck when you can't shop at the Americana mall anymore.
Suckers. Welcome to the real world.

Artfull Dodd-ger said...


better not let Wade hear you!

Joe said...

Sh*t !
Im already missing Benzie and Lezie killing each other over parking spaces outside the Americana nail Salon.
Im in the old back Bayview un-incorperated area. Its a3.5 minute walk to the LIRR. Two if you zip through the hole in the fence

No McMansions here (strict black and white zoning)
Most people are 3rd generation and are staying.
Taxes actually came down but are are still over 5K a year.

BTW most those McMansions are built like total crap. Just about all have cracked walls, stuffy basements and smell like musty swamps.

Those poor sheeple and crooked mayors in Plandome manor, Munsey, Port W ?
They got what they deserved.
---Let them eat fishheads and rice and drive K Mart lawn mowers. Honest work, excercise and realiety its what they need as well as deserve

Anonymous said...

Most the scumbags suffering on the Manhasset pinnunsular were speculators were more Casino game addicts then bankers.

Most these scumbags baught just to knock down, put up crap, educate there useless spoiled brat kids then re-sell on graduation day.
Now the partys over

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago, we were looking to buy a house in your area. That's a great area and convenient too! I liked it a lot better than the stuffier Plandome.

But we decided against it. For some reason, Queens just suits me better.

Anonymous said...

Go back fools - no jobs here - your stealing a legal immigrant and citizens food for their children. Do what's best for you and your saftey - go back to your homeland. Free ticket home from your embassy.

Anonymous said...

Let the property values plummet to the pint where middle class families can afford a home.

It's the developers and house-flippers who jacked up the values now let them suffer!!!!

Anonymous said...

What was the nationality (or legal status) of the knife wielding stabber that was shot at the 109th PCT in Flushing yesterday?

Latino maybe?

Wade Nichols said...

better not let Wade hear you!

Huh? Not sure I get the reference.

I like most of Joe's posts, he's brutally honest, tell's it like he see's it.

Anonymous said...

Poor Pedro has no dough.

Joe said...

It's the developers and house-flippers who jacked up the values now let them suffer!!!!

Right on !
Let them eat sh*t and die !

---Along with greedy numnut bankers that only gave a crap about commission $$$ on the loans.

Do gamblers in Los Vegas Casino's get bailouts and rewards for bad behavior and decisions ?

Wait till the owners of all the unsold condos in Queens and Brooklyn file "harship" and become Welfare and Homeless shelters to house Bloomberg Sanctuary

Bloomberg and his turds at the Community Economic Development Council are HOT ON FIRE shmoozing building owners with $2000$3000 a month checks for 10 year contracts.
"The closets in these condo are so big you could fit twin beds in them."

Not a joke !!!

Anonymous said...

Please do go back, and when you do please take all your illegitimate jackpot baby children, wives, girlfriends and grand parents with you.

Is the invasion over?

Anonymous said...

I like most of Joe's posts, he's brutally honest, tell's it like he see's it.

Yes, and hi's English ability i's rubbing off on you.