Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why so quiet?

From NY1:

Many New Yorkers have strong opinions about gay marriage, but State Senator Hiram Monserrate remains silent on whether he is for or against Governor David Paterson's gay marriage bill. That has some of Monserrate's constituents in East Elmhurst, Queens questioning his leadership.

From NY1:

Constituents wanted to hear what freshman State Senator Joseph Addabbo has to say about gay marriage.

"He needs to make a decision, quick," said one Queens resident. "A lot of people are interested in knowing."

But on Friday they did not know, as Addabbo would not respond to the question of how he would vote on legalizing same-sex marriage in the state.


Anonymous said...

Will it matter when hymie is doing time? Scumbag racist oppurtunist!

Lino said...

""He needs to make a decision, quick," said one Queens resident. "A lot of people are interested in knowing."

Why? There are so many -important- issues that matter, "gay marriage" is irrelevant.

Once again we can thank the damn religions and preacher for distracting the public with this idiocy. But after all, that is one of religion's purposes: Keep 'em dumb, obsessed....and distracted.

Taxpayer said...

Senator Addabbo: you already know your position. So, your delay is just a matter of your calculating the benefits to you of announcing your position.

Lino: you rate many other - important - matters above the matter of gay marriage.

Your use of the word "important" is based on religion. Like it or not, all of our "values" and how we prioritize them, are based on long held and promulgated religious teachings.

Our very system of government, and our Constitution and laws and governing principles, originated with religious beliefs and people who believe and practice one religion or another.

So, gay marriage - pro/con - is based on religious beliefs.

It is just one more in a range of issues that concern the electorate. As politicians announce their position on this hot, third-rail issue, they are entirely aware that many, many voters will decide how to vote for/against that politician based solely on that position.

But, the same is true for positions on taxes, death penalty, eminent domain, development/overdevelopment, schools, abortion, and a multitude of other issues.

Tough luck, politicians. You competed for the job of setting policy for the rest of us, so now, do the job. We'll judge.

Lino said...

"..many voters will decide how to vote for/against that politician based solely on that position."

Yeah, and base their decisions on one narrow, irrelevant and easily demagogued issue they will often vote for a scoundrel whose -real- constituents are not Joe Public.

People are easily deceived by those hawking "values".

Anonymous said...

There goes Taxpayer again with more foolish statements mixing religion with government. Didn't you learn the last time I told you - the founding fathers were decidedly against mixing religion with government. Religion should have nothing to do with government, and modern day society certainly should not be basing its values on antiquated religious beliefs.

lino - the gay marriage issue isn't irrelevant to those being discriminated against. Why are these two so afraid - take a position for equality, or show everyone you are for discrimination, but at least make your opinion known.

Anonymous said...

Addabbo listens to his constituents views before he makes decisions, That's one thing I like about him. It's not his position that is important - it is the constituent positions on the issue that are important. That he understands and that is what drives his votes on issues.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Addabbo should try to lead rather than cater to polls and surveys.

Anonymous said...

Joe listens? I have called his office to let them hear my view on the issue and I can tell you that it does not make it to Joe's eyes or ears. I bet he is for it ut doesn't want to risk what the old school group from HB will think about him.

Anonymous said...

Now that the Republicans have taken the Senate, this will probably not come to a vote anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

NY1 seems to be on a mission. It has become quite apparent that they are pro-gay marriage and intend to harass these Senators until there position is revealed.

Again, journalism is dead.

Anonymous said...

Journalism is dead? Maybe. But since when is it harassment to get a politician to tell the constituents that he serves his position on a pending matter?

The Gay Divorcee said...

Who wants to get married?
Church weddings are so-o-o boring.

It's much more exciting to co-habitate and sinfully play together!

But my lover/partner and I consulted an attorney who drew up a contract to protect our legal rights.

When our relationship soured we went to separate lawyers and terminated our contract.

I'm still relatively young, attractive, very experienced.

So I'm single once again and now very, very available dearie.

Anonymous said...

Gay Divorcee has the right idea. Since children aren't a major issue, and major religions don't sanction gay marriage, why not concentrate on the practical aspects like ownership of assets, real estate, and health care issues and skip the sham "marriage." That goes for straight couples not willing to live their vows too.