Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why are these stores shuttered?

From NY1:

The shuttered stores, padlocked doors and boarded-up windows of a shopping center on Kissena Boulevard were once the site of intense commercial activity years ago.

NY1 reached the center's leasing agent, Pelcorp Management Company, and officials said they are not trying to force businesses out so they can sell the property. They also said they are actively looking for new tenants.

The spokesperson said Pelcorp left the stores empty because it expected the business anchoring the center, National Wholesale Liquidators, to expand and renovate. But that company filed for bankruptcy a few months ago.


Anonymous said...

This is how a community dies. Re-populate those stores fast, while the customers are still shopping in that area.

Anonymous said...

When you see shuttered store fronts that is a definite sign of a Cancer attacking the area

Anonymous said...

They talked about this as if it was only happening in this one neighborhood. They ought to go over to Steinway Street in Astoria and see what's happened there. Nothing but schock hoochie mama clothes and a few cramped and crowded chain stores.

Anonymous said...

Bell Blvd isnt looking to good.

Anonymous said...

Pelcorp is an insensitive sham of a landlord. They are the organiztion and family that inherited their great-uncle David Minkin's fortune.

They have been my landlord since I moved to Queens, and are horrible and insensitive to spending money and helping tenants.

Why don't I move, the rent is cheap, and they would win if I did.

What is Pelcorp doing??
Warehousing to get a big box and more money, goodbye mom and pop.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that. Rotten landlords.


Lady whose livingroom ceiling was joined in holy matrimony to the livingroom floor. Now my bathroom has become Venice with dirty sewage from a bad repair sprinkling gently on my head, clothing and everything in the room.