Friday, June 12, 2009

Subway construction causes building evacuation

From Fox 5:

Buildings inspectors feared the facade at 1772 Second Avenue would collapse after they found large cracks over the weekend.

At least 18 people were evacuated.

Residents say vibrations from the tunnel construction for the subway has caused the cracks.


Anonymous said...

That's fine!

After the building collapses it can be replaced with a larger density building.

Demolition costs are reduced to zilch
and the insurance company pays for the removal of the debris.

A boon to the owner/developer!

Demolition by subway...a whole new category!

Anonymous said...

The Building on Your Head party supports this fine effort and reiterates its approval of the efforts of the entire Bloomberg administration.

Anonymous said...

Crappy regularly censors comments.

Bygningsentreprise said...

Yeah maybe its less effort but it is too dangerous if one building will go sudden collapse it can bring a lot of worries and damages to the people near in the area.