Monday, June 15, 2009

Schools to cut 2,600 employees

From the Daily News:

There will be more than 2,600 school employees looking for jobs in September, the Daily News has learned.

The list of staff facing the ax includes school aides, family counselors and hall monitors, which will have ripple effects in the classrooms, teachers and parents say.

Many of the workers who will be out of work make less than $20,000 a year.

Their union has been told what jobs are at risk but no one knows where the ax will fall.

That decision is up to principals with final approval by the Education Department.


Anonymous said...

Re-elect Bloomberg! He is going to create and save 400,000 jobs in NYC. Would his ads lie?

-Joe said...

Blessing in disguise for those people.
I never understood why ANYBODY would want to work for the Board of Ed.
For one its a political rat race.
Now add back stabbing, PC B.S, gangsta kids, tweed kids.
Is 18-25k a year worth your health and life ?

My mother was a school teacher in Bushwick in the 60's. It was horrible back then I cant even imagine now.
How can kids learn anything without hiring the National Guard to keep order.

Anonymous said...

Joe's right!
Why educate when you can denigrate??!?!

italian girl said...


Why would anybody want to work for the Dep't of Education(no longer called the Board of Ed BTW)? Uh, maybe because we care about kids. Some people feel really good about making a difference in a kid's life. The pay, although paltry, is more than 18-25K.

But yes, things are changing. I honestly believe there's a certain subtle conspiracy. The politicians don't want to invest big bucks in the city schools because they feel the kids are just not worth the money. So they are trying to eliminate costs such as getting rid of the most experienced teachers which cost the city the most money. Of course many of the parents in the city are either too dumb or don't care what's going on. Getting rid of experienced teachers weakens a school. Any good educator will tell you that.
And true, some schools could use the military to keep order. Again, when many higher ups think about NYC schools, they picture lowlife kids and equally lowlife teachers in their minds. They do not want to invest big $$$ in this system.

Anonymous said...

They want the children as dumb as posts so they can manipulate them more easily. Why else to close schools, libraries and museums.

Parents, educate your children now! The teachers cannot do the whole job unaided. Then show up at the polls and vote the bastards out.

I will be up at 5:30 am to open the polls in my neighborhood. See you bright and early and also late in the evening. Come now and bring your disgruntled friends with you.

Anonymous said...

How many miles of bike lanes were painted this year?

How many trees and sidewalks were put in at public expense at private develpment projects?

-Joe said...

I have a friend studing to be a NYC School teacher (she currently a stripper).
The only books I see her studings is this 2 inch thick multicultural thing with "urban' kids on the cover.

I forgot what its called, studies for a Multicultural society or something like that..
According to her its the main thing shes being graded on to get certification.
She also had a books and tapes Spanish, noting any teachers that cant speak a 2nd language are on their way out.

Anonymous said...

My sister has twenty years in the system. Graduated from college with a degree in Biochemistry. Was a member of the Education and Science Honor societies. Graduated from Manhattan College with Honors, Suma Cum Laude from Queens College where she took her masters in reading instruction.

My niece (my other sister's child) is studying education and has just received her Phi Betta Kappa Key. She has been invited back to be a camp counselor in the middle of the worst recession in recent memory because all the children love her.

Not everyone who goes into education is a yo-yo. There is a strong Christian tradition that educating the ignorant is an act of corporal mercy. Everyone cannot work as a financier and rob us all.