Saturday, June 20, 2009

NYC Stimulus Tracker online

The NYC Stimulus Tracker shows where the federal money is being spent throughout the city and on what projects.


Anonymous said...

Re: NYC stimulus, it should be renamed Charlie Rangel Free Gas/Electric Range and Refigerator Act. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the categories of projects that are not being funded by the stimulus money. They are energy sufficiency, education, public safety, and neighborhood stabilization. On the other hand, $900 million has been allocated for infrastructure (translated as tweeding overdevelopment aka money for Bloomie's real estate buddies). Granted, road and bridge and other improvements are sorely needed but how are the contracts awarded (or rewarded)? Why is the amount given to infrastructure projects out of proportion to the rest of the needed uses? Apparently the priorities of the people have no interest to a mayor gone wild!!!! Avella for mayor!

Anonymous said...

Your home owner's insurance won't cover that because you're breaking the law by employing an illegal alien.

Insurance companies do not underwrite any illegal activity.

Anonymous said...

A glitch...sorry...the last post was meant for the "illegal aliens win big" item.

I feel let down said...

It looks like Obama's book keepers are handing out federal favors...with or without his knowledge.

What ever happened to that "CHANGE" we were supposed to be getting from Washington?

Maybe that changed too...along with our new president's agenda! they say...the more things (are supposed to) change the more things remain the same.

I. M. Curious-Green said...

Who is overseeing the way the federal stimulus funds earmarked for NYC are being distributed? This is OUR tax money being spent. Why are allocations for education and public safety non-existent?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain what this money is supposed to be used for? I see that a lot of funding is being provided to public housing which, in my opinion, should have been taken care of by the city.

Another interesting item is the $7 million for the Linden Place extension that was planned for and promised by the city many, many years ago. Did money that was allocated for the road by the city get put elsewhere? If so, where?

Whom do you trust to look into these matters? There are very few elected officials who are not on the take, one way or another!!! Just what is New York City supposed to do with the stimulus funds??? Who is really benfitting on both a short term and long term basis?