Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kill two people while high, get 2 1/2 years

From the Forum West:

A Forest Hills teenager has been sentenced to prison for causing a fatal accident after speeding through a red light while under the influence of painkillers last August on the Grand Central Parkway service road.

Jacob Chubalashvili, who was 17 years old at the time of the accident near 69th Road, will serve between two-and-a-half and seven-and-a-half years in prison under an agreement with the Queens District Attorney’s office.

Chubalashvili, of 62nd Drive, was driving about 60 miles per hour while heading east in a 30-mile-per-hour zone at about 5:30 that morning. Behind the wheel of a Mercedes he had taken without permission, the teenager sped through a steady red light and plowed into an Acura carrying Ki and Hyekyung Kim. The impact split the Acura in half and instantly killed the Kew Gardens couple.

After his arrest, Chubalashvili told police he took the car without permission from a family friend and smoked marijuana before driving. “I remember... jetting down the road and the next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital” he said, according to the DA’s office. The DA also said he later admitted to taking about a dozen pain pills and asked, “How is the Mercedes? That was supposed to be my car” after being told two people had died.


Anonymous said...

Our justice system has failed us yet again. This punk should've received more time!

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here

The Buk-Rah diamond smuggling mobsters own the judges and polititions.

They have millions in untraceable gold and bag $$ on hand.
--But how long can it last ?

All their kids are apparently all spoiled brats with shit for brains. To stupid to run organized crime and insurence scams.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable---Will he still get a drivers license when he gets out next year??? This is BS!!!
They all drive the same-- with or without drugs--- no respect or regard for others. That's how they are.

Anonymous said...

Russkie-puskie-mobskie's sonskie?

They've got more juice in FH than the Asians do.

He'll get off.

But if he don't...some Bubba's going
to have a ball in the ol' cell block with that good lookin' lad.

Anonymous said...

Not only DWI, and manslaughter, but grand theft auto too. Three felonies. He had to go out of his way to get that car, and he asked about the car first.

Just to ask about the car, before you ask about the victims should be enough to get him life. He is a psychopath.

Anonymous said...

Just to ask about the car, before you ask about the victims should be enough to get him life. He is a psychopath.


No, just another of his kind that dont care about humanity, just their own status and wealth. And people say stereotypes aren't true!

Anonymous said...

Chubalashvili is neither Bukharian nor Russian. He's Georgian. The anonymous idiots cna't get their race card right.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he wasn't black. He would have gotten life without parole.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to say that this idiot has anything to do with my country, Georgia.
His parents must have paid a good price for his defense.
I am not a fan of harsh prison terms as I believe they do more harm than good, especially at his young age, but 2.5 years for two lives???

He should be a personal driver of that poor family who's parents/kids he killed for the rest of his life.

Just insane!

-Joe said...

Yeah same imported Russki-ian shit just from a different asshole.
Take your pic !

We have "these" in Great Neck. What nasty, vile, self-righteous arrogant pricks 99% of them.

They all drive like maniac's, hit and run take off door mirrors in Black Benzes with illegal tint.
The Lawless savages need to be shipped back to Russia and pull that crap.
---face a firing squad.


Anonymous said...

Parents must have paid a good price for his defense ? --Naa
The brat didnt need a "defense"

His parents and whole crooked FH community baught him the best lawyer & judge smuggled diamonds, human organs and scam $$ one can buy.

Anonymous said...

Same juice as Asians since they ARE Asiatic people. These people get even MORE preferred treatment from the prosicuters, judges and polititions because they are Jewish.

If a black person did what that kid did to Georgian Jew it be 1st degree manslaughter murder, drug trafficing =life.

The victim family’s pleaded tears for leniency (which I doubt) or somebody had a “private” meeting with both the prosecutor and judge that imposed sentence.

That’s what likley happened

Anonymous said...

Crimes committed using motor vehicles rarely get a large sentence.They need to be rewritten.I can say with great certainty that unless his family can smuglle lots of $$ and contraband into the prison,he will not be having an easy time.It will be interesting to see what prison he is assigned to.I would hope they send him far upstate

Anonymous said...

It is true that we give motorists a break because anyone who has every driven has known the odd moment of inattention that could have turned fatal.

However, this kid stole a car and drove it high as a kite. He compounded his sin by putting the car ahead of his victims. He needs a few years to grown up. Keep him off the street until he grows a brain.