Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Inside Fort Totten Army Hospital

The Kingston Lounge has a tour of long abandoned Fort Totten Army Hospital. Brace yourself before you click on the link.

And in other Fort Totten news, the tram is ready to roll.

Photo by Richard Nickel, Jr.


Joe said...

Jeez !
Its looks like some of the buildings on N Brother Island.

Anonymous said...

There is no "landmark" district on Fort Totten. Kingston's got it wrong.

Only the battery and officers' club are NYC landmarks.

flushing phantom said...

Looks as bad as the RKO Keith's auditorium the last time I grabbed a quick look inside!

Anonymous said...

You mean there is a 4th abandoned hospital in our borough?

Cagney said...

Yeah great job old Colonel Klink, I mean Colonel Frank Padavan has done. I guess the drunks over at the the Bayside Hysterical Society ate up all the funds that was supposed to go to preservation. Way to go Frank. Did you split the money with Brian ? Bring in the FBI !!!!

Anonymous said...

"Richard Nickel jr" - is no preservationist. He set an old hospital upstate on fire. Anyone that sees this wolf in sheeps clothing should alert the NYPD immediately.

Anonymous said...

BHS has been truly a scandal, "Cagney" (or is it Genarro?).

But what have they or Padavan got to do with
the hospital or the rest of the NON LANDMARKED buildings?

Fort Totten is now under the auspices of the NYC Parks Dept.

Bitch to Benape!

Anonymous said...

The interior has outlived its original purpose so gut the building and restore the exterior.

Complain to the FDNY who uses most of the fort.

It's no longer a hospital.

Do you want to replace the hospital beds...complete with patient dummies in an exact historical recreation for school tours?

C-mon people!

Queens Crapper said...

Fort Totten is an historic district and therefore all the historic buildings have landmark protection.