Monday, June 1, 2009

He doesn't want to discuss it, ok?

From the NY Times:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg sought to put an embarrassing — and widely publicized — flash of temper behind him on Monday, saying “I am who I am” and that “I am going to be judged on what I do.”

But Mr. Bloomberg did not express regret for calling a reporter a “disgrace” on Friday after being asked about his rationale for re-engineer the city’s term limit law and seeking a third term.

Asked if he was sorry, the mayor said, “We are beyond that.”


Mr. What the ...? said...

How many cheeks do the media have? Oh wait! The mayor's ads are probably helping to keep them afloat. Never mind. END OF DISCUSSION!!!

PS Anyone see any stories about Tony Avella's campaign efforts?

Anonymous said...

tony is toast

Anonymous said...

Why doens't someone ask Ackerman about this and why this is the reason he is supporting Blumturd over the public?

The next question to ask Ackerman is the sex trade advertising in his magazine.

Anonymous said...

he probably gets 'serviced' once in a while that's why

linda said...

yeah bloomass we are beyond that, meaning we are of you.

i am what i am, going to be judged on what i do, lmao exactly that's why we will not be voting for you.......

this man sounds like a fxxking spoiled child. please let's not allow this ass to have a third term.

Anonymous said...

tony avella for mayork, volunteer for him next next on his site for him to gather signature to be put on ballot.

rexlic said...

We are not amused.

Taxpayer said...

"Asked if he was sorry, the mayor said, “We are beyond that.” "

The Commissar says "I am Commissar Prick. I do whatever the hell pleases ME! Apologies are beneath my dignity."

"Who the hell does this Azi Paybarah think he is? Some sort of Free Press lunatic? I instructed his bosses that their lickspittles were to bite their tongues off before EVER asking me a question that I don't like!"

"How will they know if I like their questions?"

"Easy. If the question is one that an intelligent voter might ask, then I don't like it, and the question should never be asked, much less even thought of."

"I am MASTER!"

Well, let's put this miserable little dwarf-sized bastard (oh, he said master? He meeds to shit into his hat!) out of his puffed up misery on November 3.

Why continue to punish ourselves for his imagined flaws.

November 3. OUT!

November 3. OUT!

November 3. OUT!

Anonymous said...

Vote him out and pop his overinflated ego. OUT!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Here is a new site a gentleman has put up and it is worth checking out.

I have already posted this on Queen's Crap but my praise for Azi Paybarah.

Just shows Mike doesn't believe in a democracy but that in fact he is the little emperor of NYC.
Vote No Bloomberg!
Suzannah B. Troy

Anonymous said...

Azi is a brave journalist for confronting Bloomy. Keep up yuor good work!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is damn scared that his 3rd term ain't exactly a sure thing no matter how hard he's trying to manipulate his "popularity" polls!

Anonymous said...

Ackerman was in cahoots with Tommy Huang and Donald Manes too!

That bloated crook!

Anonymous said...

The royal "we", just in case you're under any impression that this is a democracy.

italian girl said...

"Asked if he was sorry, the mayor said, “We are beyond that.”"

In other words, this topic is really uncomfortable for me so I'M beyond it. Hopefully the rest of you folks will be too.



Anonymous said...

Haven't ya'll got it yet?

Democracy upsets our half pint despot!

So try buying "Queens Crap" and adding it to your financial reporting empire Mayor Mike!

Heh, heh, noticed already that it's not for sale!

Democracy is DEAD said...

I have a GREAT idea! Why doesn't Bloomturd hand out scripts to the reporters so that he doesn't have to say to a reporter. "You're a disgrace!" After all, the press is already bought and sold. Has anyone seen any articles or news reports about Tony Avella? I didn't think so. I rest my case!!!!!!!!

Independent Thinker said...

From Avella's website but ignored by the media:

Latest From the Campaign Trail
April 30th, 2009 | Category: In The News
Tony continues his campaign march across the five boroughs, speaking out about why he believes New York City urgently needs a new direction.

While Mike Bloomberg, on his media tour, talked with NPR about making sure the 5,000 wealthiest New Yorkers remain in the city, Tony has been fighting for the small business community, the real backbone of the city’s economy.
Last week Tony spoke out at a rally in support of saving small businesses in the Bronx, which are shutting down at twice the rate of the national average.

“This is truly a crisis that the city has failed to address,” he said.

Avella received a standing ovation after he called for the dismissal of Rob Walsh, the current Commissioner of the Department of Small Business Services.

Tony has also been fighting to save the small business community at Willets Point, which is threatened with displacement.

Tony believes that what’s happening at Willets point is just one of many examples of how Mayor Bloomberg continues to use Eminent Domain to take away land from middle- and working-class New Yorkers in pursuit of his goals of high-rise luxury condos and new office buildings.

He is asking communities to stand with him in sending a message to Mike Bloomberg that New York City is not for sale.

“It is completely unacceptable for Mike Bloomberg to call these Willets Point businesses ‘blighted’ and then move them to another community,” he said.

Tony believes this is truly a moment in our city’s economic history when we need jobs for working people that are not dependent on Wall Street. He believes the city should recognize and preserve Willets Point as a small business incubator.

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt someone ask Ackerman why he, as a US Congressman, can support someone who threw out two public referandums.

Then suggest to him your concern for his image, that, as an older fat white man, why his newspapers have ads for, and images of, brown skinned nymphets?

Ask both questions as the cameras roll, just as Azi did. This should be priceless....

Artfull Dodd-ger said...

Haven't ya'll got it yet?

Democracy upsets our half pint despot!

So try buying "Queens Crap" and adding it to your financial reporting empire Mayor Mike!

Heh, heh, noticed already that it's not for sale!